People with allergies have it tough, from the uncalled for dirty looks from strangers to the even more uncalled for sympathies from family and friends, we live the life of a sick patient our entire lives. If you are one among the sneezers, following are probably what you are more than used to.

1. Those machine gun sneezes that show no mercy.



2. Those sleepless nights when your eyes just won’t stop itching.


3. When people ask if you’re sick and you’re like..

giphy (4)


4. When that one sneeze wakes up all the sleepyheads around you at work.


giphy (1)



5. That face you make before you sneeze and everyone braces themselves.

giphy (2)


6. When your friends start counting your sneezes the moment you go more than thrice.

giphy (3)


7. And obviously, sneezing on your pet or sibling’s face, because that’s the only silver lining to Allergies 😉



Does that sound like you? Here’s a tip! Don’t count solely on people’s ‘God bless You’s to save your soul. Treat it with eating a bowl of fresh fruits rich in Vitamin C, daily. Oranges, apple, strawberries and watermelon are a good way to start.

Take up the EAT MORE FRUITS challenge on the app or website, and watch yourself calm your sinuses as you form a healthy habit.


Picture Credits: Ign, Giphy and Imgflip




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