How often do you find yourself cribbing over the pounds you have lately gained? If this has actually become a matter of stress in you, you need to find out what’s wrong with the lifestyle you are living.A slight fluctuation in weight over a period of time is okay, but if you notice your body growing visibly fat, it is surely a matter of concern.

This might be the result of your daily habits that do not turn out healthy for your body. Here’s a look to a few of them; habits that make you fat.

1.You take ‘low fat products’

Lot of foods today are marketed as ‘low fat’ or ‘fat free’, and you tend to buy them for the sake of your taste buds giving you the satisfaction of not eating any fat with it. The harsh reality behind these low fact products is that they only save you a few calories and moreover they replace the harmless fats quick absorbing carbs that cause a sugar high and make you feel hungry very soon!



2.You do not follow a fixed sleep cycle

Firstly, you need to know that proper sleep is directly linked to weight loss. But sleeping too much or too little could be adding to that extra flab you are worried about. Studies show that sleep duration affects hormones thus increasing appetite. Also, when you don’t get adequate sleep, it leads to fatigue and thus less physical activity.  Try for an optimal sleep of 6-7 hours.

3.You take a lot of soda


The crude fact about soda is that it has no nutrition, whatsoever. It’s calories are worse than choco chip cookies. It is the major culprit of obesity and diabetes. Overconsumption of soda is said to be responsible for the depletion of nutrients like Vitamin A, Calcium and magnesium, which are needed for a healthy weight loss. If you feel that the zero calorie soda can be good for dieters, you should know the artificial sweeteners that are added to it would make you feel hungrier and you will end up crave extra food.  

4.You eat too quickly

You  must have heard that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to know that you are full. When you eat too fast, you fail to trigger when you should actually stop and end up taking too many extra calories. While when you are eating slow, you take fewer calories in a meal, as your brain signals about the satiety in time.

5.You don’t drink enough water

If you have your fat loss goals, you have to be drinking enough water. When you keep training while you are dehydrated, your strength and muscle size will decrease. In order to maintain full strength, staying hydrated is important. Also, when you do not drink enough water, your body sustains the water it has for fear of shortage, thus making you feel fat and bloated.

6.You eat when emotional


We all face stressful and emotional times and want to reach to some comfort foods. That seems to be the easy way out. But what it actually does is overloads you with calories. Next time you feel an urge to eat in response to stress, try diverting your mind with a chewing gum, a walk around or a glass of water. You will never regret it!

7.You avoid even the “good fats”

Trans fats are the ones that increase the risk of heart disease, weight gain and stroke! They should always be kept away. But the healthy fats like those contained in the nuts can actually help you stay healthy. Fats absorb the vitamins from  your diet and help you stay full for longer. You must include one serving of healthy fats in every meal.


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