All working professionals have at one time or the other dozed off during a crucial meeting held in the slow and sleepy hours after lunch. Take for instance, one afternoon when you wander into the cafeteria which, for once, is serving a pretty decent slice of pizza. You go on to unashamedly chomp down a fair quantity of those before finally deciding to loosen up that trouser-belt and head back to the office. The usual reaction within fifteen minutes of parking yourself on the chair is a wide, gaping yawn.

If the gods are good, which they usually aren’t in such cases, there will be no meetings later in the afternoon and you’ll be able to slack your way through. However,having to attend a packed post-lunch work session on an over-filled stomach is something even brave men shy away from. This post lunch haze, also commonly referred to as post lunch apathy or afternoon slacktivism, is not something any working professional would want to deal with.

Here are 6 little nuggets of wisdom to help you clear your afternoon work load without feeling sleepy after lunch.

Breakfast heavy, lunch light

Right, we know that lunch is one of the most important meals of the day, but we found one that is even more so, breakfast! Stop going-to-town at your closest fast-food vendor every lunch hour and pick up a salad on afternoons that you know are going to be packed. A heavy breakfast will power you through the morning hours and not leave you starving come lunchtime. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep some light, healthy snacks in your office drawer to help supplement the light lunch on the go.

Walk it off

One of the easiest ways to work off an afternoon slump is to give your body something to do. We know it takes a strong will to get up out of the chair after a heavy lunch when sleep is bearing down on you like a charging bull. However, it is exactly at this point that you need to stand up and walk it off. Tame the urge to sleep or slack off. Give your body that much needed exercise to get the blood pumping again and return back to your desk refreshed.

Talk to people

Maybe you have a friend at work you enjoy talking with. Walk over to their desk strike up a conversation, maybe he or she too is feeling the post lunch haze creeping over them and would appreciate it. If your office has not blocked it, access your email account or facebook account and talk to a friend who is online. Conversation stimulates your brain and helps you stay aware and awake.

Wash it off

No, seriously, washing your face is probably the most underrated ways of keeping awake. Taking twenty minute breaks to sprinkle some water on your face may get your shirt a tad damp but will definitely power you through the sleepy patch.

Drink coffee


Yes, we know, too much coffee is bad for you. But coffee in the right amounts can be an absolute godsend on afternoons when Morpheus (the god of sleep, duh) comes calling. Make sure you limit yourself to a cup or two and make it last.

Sip water

Sipping water regularly will make sure you are not nodding off and also hydrate you.Sometimes, when the body is dehydrated it can affect the metabolic system and make you feel tired or sleepy.

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