These days as the lifestyle patterns, work patterns and trends are changing, stress levels are also increasing. The constant efforts and drive to achieve success is causing mental stress more than the physical stress. The body gets tired; mind gets tired and hence gets fatigued. Stress bakes your mind completely and breaks your body and sometimes handling stress isn’t in your hand and it gets difficult to focus your mind on work and other important things.

Whether you are at work, school or at home doing your daily chores, the pressure of the tasks you need to get done can take a stressful toll on you. Your body gets tired, your mind gets tired and you might even feel emotionally burned out. But what other choice do you have other than to slog as you have to get everything done on time?

But, what do you do to cut down on stress and relieve your mind? You ideally just need a couple of minutes off your work to give your body enough time to recharge and revitalize from the stressful activity. Now, what can you do to de-stress?

Well, don’t worry if you are still thinking as we are here for your rescue!

Here are 6 quick stress busters to refresh your mind and get you rolling by energizing you in no time. These calming ideas are sure to give you the peace of mind:

Stop! Get up & walk!

Nothing can beat the energy and refreshment you gain from walking a few miles after your brain gets stuck with the load of work. Walking boosts your mind and creative imagination.

Make sure you keep yourself away from mobile phones, headphones, documents etc. when you have set the mood to walk. Amidst all the tension and work throughout the day, a simple ten minute walk can do wonders to your body and mind.


Take a power nap

Power nap has always been the magic energy provider. They say, a power nap of twenty minutes is the best to fight mental fatigue and is best for boosting memory and enhancing skills. But, make sure the nap doesn’t exceed more than twenty minutes as again it might require you to have coffee, which is again the consumption of caffeine that does not have good impacts on your body. Inhale and exhale properly after your nap to regain the energy.

Talk to your best friend

Talking to your close friends is also a very powerful stress reliever. Friends always listen to you and support you when you are feeling low and stressed. A small conversation with them helps you regain your lost confidence. Being with friends when you are stressed can help you get energized as you can share jokes, lighten your mind for some time and feel refreshed.


Listen to some music

Rejuvenate yourself by putting on some music that you love to listen most. Music is said to be one of the easiest ways to beat stress. It brings you into a positive state of mind helping you keep stress at bay. Music boosts positivity and optimism in you.

Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!

Laugh as much as you can when you are stressed. A lot of times things don’t work out as we have planned, but looking at the funny side of any situation can make you laugh. Stress weakens your immune system hence making your body incapable of fighting disease. Laughing releases endorphins which give one a natural high, lowering the stress levels. Watch funny videos, share jokes with your friends and laugh as much as you can to relieve stress as Charlie Chaplin had rightly said once, “A day without laughter is a day wasted!”

Deep Breathing and meditation

Doing meditation and regular breathing exercise beats stress to a great extent. Making yoga and meditation a part of your daily routine helps you empower your mind and charge your body. When you feel active even in a stressful situation, due to meditation, you can accomplish your tasks well and acquire self control.


So the next time you are stressed, do not panic, just try these simple yet quick stress buster techniques to stay energized, positive and active!

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