The main component of tobacco is nicotine, it is the component that makes cigarettes so addictive. Nicotine is incredibly harmful to the human body as it mildly stimulates the central nervous system and has a strong effect on the cardiovascular system. It increases the blood pressure as it incites your heart to pump more amounts of blood and thickens your blood at the same time by increasing blood fat levels. This can lead to constriction of arteries and an increased risk of stroke or heart attacks.

Nicotine can stay in your system for up to a month if you were a heavy smoker once you have quit. The important step however is quitting cigarettes and tobacco altogether. Once you have done that ways open up to bring your body back to its healthy, energetic old self. To aid you in this process you need to flush your body of this toxin, to get rid of the pangs that assail the ending of any addiction. Nicotine withdrawal can cause anger, irritation, anxiety, depression and even weight gain.

More than anything it causes a great craving for more nicotine, no wonder tobacco is the most efficient executioner of mankind. These symptoms can last for anything between a week and a month, depending upon how much one smoked.

Here are some foods that will not only help you flush your body of all the nicotine and toxins, but also help you cope through the withdrawal symptoms:



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Learn to respect broccoli, this vegetable might not have been your favourite  growing up, but it has everything you need to help you flush nicotine out of your system. It contains many elements important for regulating the necessary process of the human body like B vitamins, along with high levels of vitamin C and B5. Vitamins are crucial elements for efficient functioning of your body. Vitamin C helps keep your metabolism high and makes sure your lungs are safe against toxins. This amazing vegetable is a veritable godsend for freshly quit smokers as it contains gene NRF2 that protects your lung cells and keeps them from being attacked.



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This zesty little root can help you combat your nicotine cravings like nothing else. Chewing on a little bit of raw ginger can help you power through your withdrawal with no relapses. It also aids in a healthy metabolism and weight loss as well as reduces the amount of toxins in your system.



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Smoking ravages the human body, leaving it deprived of valuable nutrients like vitamins E, C and A. The Kiwi fruit is rich in all of these vitamins, among other nutrients, and it actively works towards purging your body of the remnant nicotine.



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This should not be so difficult, oranges are amazing to eat, not to mention they are packed with vitamin C. These citrus wonders help increase the white blood cell count of the body and help protect itself against diseases, something smoking leaves the body immune to.



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These amazing root vegetables are highly nutritious, not to mention they can be made in a variety of ways. Carrots eaten whole are in themselves of great benefit,but their juice is also packed with vitamins A, B, C and K. These vitamins help your body flush the toxins from your blood stream and leave you with a healthier body.

There are many such vegetables, fruits and herbs that can help you combat withdrawal and detox your body. Lemons, pine or nettle tea, spinach, egg plants etc. are all good foods that can help you in this. But for this, you need to kick that stub and quit smoking for the healing to begin.

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