Your windows to the world, eyes are probably the most essential sensory organ in the human body and like other organs, they also need to be taken care of in order to function properly.Lifestyles today are punctuated with long hours spent in front of screens of all shapes and sizes, giving the eyes an ever increasing amount of strain. There are many things one does which could be ruining your eyes. It is essential to understand important symptoms that could be the precursor to a bigger problem. Understanding these signs could help you keep your eyes hale and hearty.

Here are some signs that your eyes are tired and need some caring for:

Dry eyes

Dry eyes usually occur when the tear ducts are not lubricating the eye socket sufficiently Also when this liquid evaporates quickly because of excessive wind or cold there is a lack of consistency and dry eyes occur. By blinking, a soothing layer of slightly oily tears get spread across the eye. Usually, we blink 10-15 times a minute. It reduces to 5-8 times when we stare at a screen or read. It leads to dry eyes which lead to irritation. Blinking regularly while staring at a screen at work is one of the easiest ways to avoid dry eyes, another is to keep hydrating yourself. Make sure that you use the correct eye drops regularly to prevent dryness and consult an ophthalmologist if it persists. There are various other causes of dry eyes which are: Specific medications, low humidity, contact lenses, oral contraceptive  pills, aging,among others.

Naked eyes

Exposing your eyes to sunlight can be really harmful to them. Always wear UV-blocking sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the danger of increased exposure of the cataract, skin cancer on eyelids and damage to retina. Wear eyeshades in all seasons and not only in summer. The constant glare and shimmer of the roads today is a fact of life for all drivers making sunglasses almost mandatory. Also, when doing house chores like dusting or being exposed to chemicals in cleaning products, do not forget to wear your safety goggles.

TV and Computers

As mentioned earlier, the rate of blinking reduces when you are looking at a screen. Blinking is way of hydrating your eyes and when it isn’t happening the right way it can cause blurry vision and can even lead to you seeing spots. So whenever you are staring at a screen, remember to take breaks. There are other things which you should also keep in mind while using a computer or watching a TV, which are:

1. Wear computer friendly glasses

2.  Use LCD screen with the highest resolution

3. Adjust the monitor settings like font size and brightness

Rubbing eyes

Rubbing your eyes may feel good but it can be really harmful to your eyes in long run. Doing it often can break tiny blood vessels that surround your eyes which can give you dark circles. When you rub your eyes without washing your hands, there are greater chances to transmit germs and bacteria to your eyes through your hands. It can cause more itching rather than reducing it as it encourages the release of more histamine, which is a chemical that causes irritation and swelling.


The lack of water doesn’t only affect your other organs but eyes as well.  Not drinking enough water can also cause under eye circles and irritation. By drinking adequate quantity of water, your eyes stay hydrated and the thin skin just below the eyes stays healthy. Keeping hydrated is as essential for your optic as well as overall

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