The festive season is almost upon us, and with it a host of much needed holidays. But getting a holiday is not something that everyone can manage, and for many it can mean that they are not able to be with their families during this time. Festivals, as we all know, are family time and an occasion where the entire flock gathers to thank the gods above for the bounty they have been given. But there is no cap on the happiness you can share and garner on holidays, in fact there are ways that you can make this festive season happier for everyone around.

Share the love

Be it Diwali or Christmas sharing the joy of a festival only compounds the happiness to be gained from it. Gather your neighbors for a party on the terrace. Try and keep it in the night; a simple dinner and conversation is enough to lift the spirits of everyone around. It doesn’t matter what the festival after a certain point of time, the gathering of all the individuals itself makes the occasion cheery. If you cannot do that at least make it a point to share sweets, chocolates or little gifts of lamps or other décor items among your neighbours. Not only will you endear yourself to them but also spread the happiness that comes with the festive season.

Gift your family something

gifting your loved ones

A persons family is their biggest support and something they count on in any given situation. The festival season is the perfect time to gift your family something that they need and you know they will cherish. Most parents love any gifts their children give them, however things get a little tricky for siblings.Find out what your family needs and go about getting it for them to give them an amazing festive surprise. If you don’t want to buy something, make something.Handcrafted letters and cards are hugely appreciated and can make for beautiful memoirs.

Cook up a delicious meal

Festive season is characterized by the amazing meals and snacks that are made at home. Take it upon yourself to learn at least a couple of dishes this festive season. This will ensure that even when you are away from them you can cook these dishes up to remind yourself of the happy times you spent with your family. If you are not going to be with your family, use one of the many video calling applications to call your mum and ask her your favourite recipe and then get cooking.


Balance your time

Festive season is also the time when most of your friends are throwing parties and attending them becomes a priority. However, take care that you manage your time in a way that you give priority to your family as well as your friends. Balance is key, partying too much can leave you drained and tired after the holidays and is not something you want to take back to work.

Keep an eye on your well-being

Holiday season, as happy as it is, can also be fraught with great emotion turmoil. Family gatherings can often turn out to become confrontations. Make sure to be acutely aware of your own mental well-being, and do not get dragged into conversations that you are not hoping to engage in. If you know that going to a party where your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is coming with their current fiancé, is definitely a big no as far as your mental well-being is concerned.

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