Isn’t it immensely frustrating to set the same fitness or life goals every summer only to have fallen off the wagon a couple of weeks later? is here to help you make this summer a memorable one by hacking your goals. A memorable TEDx talk about building micro-habits by B.J.Fogg is one we especially like. The idea is that setting super easy goals would mean consistent success in achieving the goals. Not just that, the positive feedback the success  gives you eventually turns the actions into lifelong habits.

Here are 5 ways to make this a summer you remember:

1. Fitness

If you aim to lose weight, instead of promising to work out for an hour, 5 days a week, aim to do just 10 squats or 10 jumping jacks everyday. Tie it in with a habit that’s already established like brushing your teeth. Similarly, instead of resolving to cut out the five cups of coffee you drink each day from the office vending machine, eat five carrot sticks or slices of cucumber before each cup.

2. Reading

Have you always wanted to read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War or pick a book from Warren Buffet’s reading list? Instead day after day, you spend hours binge-watching videos on youtube only to feel that you are letting yourself down. Ease up on yourself! Read 5 pages of a book you’ve always wanted to read before each video that you watch on youtube.

3. Hydrate

Drinking 3 litres of water a day is a great goal if only you could remember to do it. Tie drinking a glass of water to checking Facebook or your email. Each time you check an email or open Facebook, drink a glass of water. In no time you would have crushed your goal.

4. Meditate

Have you been meaning to start a meditation practice but never seen to have the time for it? Tie the micro habit in with your morning coffee and meditate for a minute or two right after you drink your cup of java.

5. Sleep Early

Do you binge-watch tv series every night till your eyes are gritty? Before clicking on the next episode, lie down on your bed for 2 minutes. That’s it.

Micro-habits almost seem counter-intuitive because they’re so easy and small, one wonders how they could possibly help. But it’s the small things done regularly that make for behaviour change that sticks. So go on and make that tiny shift. The summer’s not over yet!

What do you think?