Is there something that made your mind pop and ooze with happiness all at the same time as you did it? Maybe you turned up the funk with some holiday cards, or made homemade potpourri for your house. Perhaps, it was the freshness you brought to your garden over the weekend, or it was the calmness you found in an amazing book.Maybe, it was the thrill of an intense basketball game!

Creativity can strike you in the oddest array of places! It’s always there, even if you feel like your brain is turning into mush. Hobbies have a knack for bringing out the creativity in you, and that’s why it’s important to relax if you’ve reached a dead end and turn to your hobbies, instead, for inspiration!

  1. LISTEN TO PODCASTS:  There are an unbelievable number of podcasts on every topic imaginable. There are fun ones and informative ones. The funny ones help to relieve stress after working and can get you laughing and into a creative groove. Other podcasts can teach you new things and give you fresh ideas and a new perspective.   It all depends on what you like. Even the most ardent fan of the most niche topic can find some inspiration for their hobbies, through podcasts.
  2. CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE: If you’re always drawing on your bed, while listening to some music/watching TV,shifting about every 10 minutes to find a comfortable position,then maybe, it’s time to change it up.Work at your desk or go to a coffee shop, or maybe even take it outside. Turn off the TV and you’ll able to be more productive.
  3. TRY OUT A NEW HOBBY: Even though you love your current hobbies, it’s good to challenge yourself. One small stroke of creativity here, can emerge as a canvas of endless possibilities.
  4. HANDS ON DECK: Working with your hands activates your brain in a totally different way from writing. Taking up gardening or cooking is a great example of taking a break but reinforcing the mind while doing so.  Being able to do these is a great way to reset your creative minds.
  5. GO ON PINTEREST: Pinterest is the mecca of ideas. Loaded with pins of inspiration, you can take your hobby to the next level of creativity!

Being a hobbyist doesn’t have to mean an escape route to avoid the daily grind of work life. It can improve your creativity if you let it do so. So spruce up your train of thought with the goodness of hobbies to back things up and run your life smoothly.

What do you think?