Processed food is one of the greatest legacies of western diet that is causing some of the dangerous diseases and ailments in people around the world. Chemically processed food or foods which do not have just one ingredient and have been treated to a variety of synthetic chemicals to increase their flavour and taste are a veritable poison for the body. Working professionals and children often consider processed food and fast food in their daily staple diet. Refined ingredients and artificial substances are often used in a variety of fast food items as well as items of regular consumption which can be incredibly harmful in the long run.

Here are some ways how processed food can be hurting your body:

High in sugar and High fructose corn syrup

Read the labels of food items you buy and if you see anything saying added sugars or its evil twin, high fructose corn syrup,put that item back in the shelf. Sugars are just empty calories and are only essential to provide energy when really sapped. High sugars can lead to a variety of problems,including increased glucose levels and a possibility of type-2 diabetes. Increased consumption of sugar can also cause heart problems, obesity or even cancer.

They are addictive

Processed food is delicious, that much everyone can agree on.But they can form addictive patterns that rank right up there with caffeine or even cigarettes. The body processes processed food in a vastly different fashion than whole food. Processed food over-stimulates and causes excess production of dopamine, or pleasure neurotransmitter, making you regularly crave for processed food. Your body is unable to resist and ends up eating excess processed food and continues the vicious cycle. Imposing rules on occasional junk food intake and processed food intake is crucial to keeping your body healthy.

Artificial ingredients

Processed foods are a veritable repository of artificial ingredients. Listed on the food label, these items will often sound alien to any lay buyer. Preservatives are often used in processed food to give it a longer shelf life,these can hurt your body a lot. Phosphates, also used as preservatives, can cause bone loss and even kidney damage. Added colourants and flavours are usually artificial and have no nutrient value, not only that they also consist of elements that are essentially harmful for the human body.

Ruins the digestive system

Since processed foods are usually devoid of any helpful nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients they tend to cause a horrible amount of damage to the digestive tract. This throws your body off balance and causes irreparable amount of damage to the beneficial bacteria and lowers your immunity.

Cause mental problems

Eating too much processed food, according to a study conducted by the Oxford University, can harm your mental state of being. It can make people irrational and angry as well as make them irritable during day to day activities. Whole foods and food heavy in nutrients works the exact opposite way and helps level out your mood and give your mind the balance it so needs.

Processed food is rapidly approaching an almost pandemic like nature. With more and more people around the world taking to the allure of fast food and other processed items, it is crucial to inform yourself about all the dangers this kind of a diet can cause. So, make it a point today to include healthy and wholesome foods in your diet and say no to processed food.

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