Every meal is necessary to stay healthy but what makes it healthy eating is what you do after your meal. So, come along, read and understand the risks that you are taking with the behaviour that you follow right after your meal & help your body to keep you healthy.

You must re-consider a stroll or walk right after the meal

“Walking is good after having your meal” .We’ve heard this from all our relatives and we also believe it to be a fact but it’s partly correct. Walking or going for a stroll is a good idea after your meal but not “right” after your meal. What is crucial over here is the timing.

Taking a walk immediately after having a meal leads to indigestion, stomach upsets and gastroesophageal reflux disease. However, a stroll or walk after a minimum of half an hour is good for health as well as productive as it helps in burning down the energy.

You shouldn’t sleep after consuming food

We professionals do this the most. Late night work at office- we come home grab some comfortable clothes, feast on whatever is cooked and sleep and sometimes even have a bath right after the meal and then sleep.


The diaphragm receives an excessive pressure when you lie down just after having your meal because the food is still in your stomach undigested. Sleeping right after the meal also leads to the burning of inner layer of the oesophagus and obesity,snoring and sleep apnea (momentary suspension of breathing that may disrupt our sleep routine).So, go to your bed for sleep only after 2 hours of consuming your meals.

You mustn’t loosen your belt before or after the meal

We know you’ve done this many a time. In fact we all tend to do this either by loosening the belt or wearing loose clothes. It is wise leaving your dining table with a half stomach rather than loosening the belt & pushing yourself towards obesity.

Loosening your belt= More space for food= Over eating= Obesity (in long run)

You must re-consider the idea of a shower right after a meal

Again, this is something that our mom’s have always warned us of and this time it’s completely correct. Likewise, what is important over here is the time.Bathing right after the meal will divert the blood from your stomach to your skin,affecting the digestion process. So, wait for at least ½ hour before and after your meal, before stepping in your bathroom.

You shouldn’t consume fruits right after your meal


Though fruits are the easiest to digest, they all digest at their speed and they are beneficial when they are digested soon.If you have fruits after your meal, the fruits won’t digest fast as the food is already is the process of digestion and they will have to wait. Waiting will lead to decaying, which will lead to release of toxins & gases and encourage the formation of cellulite.So, what you had consumed as a ‘healthy eat’ has now turned into a problem causing meal. Consume fruits at least an hour or two before to reap the maximum benefits of their nutrients.

Other things that you should avoid right after your meal:

  • Smoking-Smoking a cigarette is harmful before as well as right after your meal. It is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes.
  • Exercising
  • Drink cold water-Unlike warm water, cold water does not allow the food digest properly because it causes clumping of food.
  • Hot tea or coffee-Tannin and polyphenol is a compound that is found in tea and coffee which affects the absorption of protein.

What do you think?