Commuting to work is a routine activity; the daily commute to work is a familiar task to many of us, but when that commute demands travelling long distances everyday, it becomes a difficult one and often involves balancing work and personal life. For some it is a waste of time, while for some it is a source of frustration leading to delayed deliveries and lowered business productivity. Here are 5 fun ways which might help you sail through.

1. Find a friend

Sitting alone in a car or a bus for several hours makes any commute boring and painstaking. In such cases, opting for a carpool seems to be one of the best to-go options. Carpool helps you find some really good company while you also can avoid driving every day. This helps you ease down a bit from continuous driving and saves you some money too! If you want to carpool, all you have to do is to find someone in the office who lives nearby your residential layout and ask.

2. Keep yourself informed in prior

Surprise of a bad traffic condition makes a long commute worse. The ones who use their own bike/car can use web services like IFTTT, and keep themselves up-to-date with live running information of the road.This helps one choose the best route before he/she starts his work travel commute. There are a variety of useful options, such as traffic RSS feeds, and twitter accounts for specific cities and highways.Most of the corporate workforce who use the office provided transport can make a to-do list on their way to work. It helps them kick start their day with clarity and keeps them effectively prioritized. This helps in increasing productivity while decreasing the negative mind chatter.

3. Make those calls

Sixty minutes or more is a long time to sit through the antics of shock jocks. Good music helps you relax and beat the stress. You could also make the calls you feel you rarely have the time for.Call your family, catch up with an old friend, there’s plenty you can accomplish with just a call. Afterall, social interactions means much more than facebook.

4. Try a quick bite

Whether you opt in to take your own vehicle or use public transport to work, unexpected traffic jams are bound to happen. Frustration builds up specially when it is late evening and your stomach is growling and you are longing for food. Keep an apple/orange and a few nuts in hand and try out a quick bite to help yourself in hunger cravings.

5. Relax when you have the chance

Those who commute through car/bike can try breathing exercises while they are waiting at the signals.Trying out progressive relaxation to chill out at traffic signals and in traffic jams is a sure stress buster. Tense and relax each muscle group in the body for five seconds each, starting at the feet and continuing up the face. It helps to melt down the tension relieving you of stress.

Whether in a car or in public transport,commuting to work daily is definitely tiresome and adds to stress. Thus, buddy up, snack smart, groove gently, find your Zen and make your travel much more interesting. 

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