Social media users are growing every day. Billions log into their social media accounts every morning and do not log off even they are asleep. People spend hours scrolling away on their favorite social media sites and apps. There is a lot of good that social media does, it informs you of happenings in the lives of people you love, it is a great source of news over and above animal as well as baby videos. There is, however, a serious downside to being online all the time.

Social media addiction is a real thing and it comes with some serious problems. It is for this reason that many psychiatrists and counselors are advising people to spend time away from social media sites as they can. There are many benefits of undergoing a social media detox. Here are some ways that staying away from social media for a mere month can benefit you:

No More Comparisons

The worst part about social media is that you are constantly comparing yourself with the lives of so many people around you. This can, in turn, have a really bad effect on your self-esteem and confidence. It is never a fun thing being reminded of things that you cannot do. Like for example when you are stuck at work and you see the pictures a friend posted of their time at the beach. Staying away from social media for a month can break this constant cycle of comparing your life with other people and effectively make you happier.

No More FOMO

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, has become a big problem among social media addicts. Research has gone on to prove that social media has been created to be just as addictive as crack cocaine. The more you do it the deeper you will get into it. After a certain point, not being online and scrolling will make you feel scared that you might be missing out on information. This fear of missing out can make you miss out on the bigger and more important thing in your lives, like relationships and a career. Staying away from social media is a great way of overcoming this fear.

More Free Time

The first thing you will notice, as soon as you close that computer window, is that there is a large chunk of your time that is suddenly free. No longer do you need to spend hours scrolling away through the mundane lives of other people. It provides you time and opportunity to focus on yourself and your own life. The biggest plus of social media detox is the free time that it provides you. You can use this time to exercise, read a book, or even make yourself a decent meal.

Protect Your Privacy

The other dangerous thing that social media does, over and above making you depressed because of the perception of leading a boring life, is that it makes your life very public. The constant updating of your pictures, sharing every little detail of your life with random strangers, is never a very healthy thing. Regardless of the validation that you might be getting for your posts, it is something that is insidious and can make your life a little too public for your own good. Turning off from social media is by far the best way of protecting your privacy.


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