Owing to today’s lifestyles, it’s very essential for us to stay fit and active with a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. But, did you know that taking care of your eyes is important too? Certain eye exercises are designed to improve focus, eye vision, strengthen your eye muscles and enhance your vision. Why eye exercises, you ask? Well, nowadays, with constant exposure to computer screens, a lot of people are experiencing fatigued eyes, teary eyes, irritation in eyes and blurred vision.

This eye-strain not only leads to errors in work,but also causes severe headaches and eye related problems like glaucoma. Where computer provides us with the information we need and the entertainment we seek, it comes with its own set of problems too, the most common being computer eyestrain.

This can be relieved through certain eye exercises that will help your eyes feel better and get rid of those eye drops and pain relievers.

Hence, here we sum up five simple exercises to combat computer eyestrain:

Palming the Eyes

First bring yourself in a comfortable position. Start this exercise by rubbing your palms together to create slight heat. Now, take your hands apart and slightly press three fingers of each hand over your closed eyes for a couple of seconds. You can put your left hand over your left eye and right hand over your right eye, pressing each of them slightly. Let the heat warm your eyes and relax them. Release your hands and then repeat it again. This helps relieve tension accumulated in the muscles of the eye. Don’t forget to take deep breaths before and during this exercise, it greatly improves your relaxation process.

Rolling your eyes

Eye rolling is yet another exercise that does wonders when you are sitting in front of your computer screen for long hours. Closing your eyes and rolling them in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction is the best vision therapy one can give to their eyes. Rolling them in circular motions relaxes them and makes you feel just like your eyes are getting a massage. Trust us, it’s worth it because it not only eases and tones the eye muscles, but lubricates the eyes and improves local blood circulation. Pacing this rolling movement from slow to faster motion and then repeating it for fifteen times in a row relaxes your eyes completely.


Do make sure you take your eyes off the computer screen and focus on something else for a few minutes. It is very essential to take breaks in between to relax your eyes. Focusing on a distant object, about five to ten meters away without moving your head is an exercise which is best for somebody who suffers from computer vision syndrome. Not only this, it is also very helpful for relaxing the strained eyes. This exercise relaxes the ciliary muscles of the eye that tend to undergo a lot of stress when somebody focuses on computer screen for longer time.


Blinking, you might think is just a simple and a small action, but it plays a very important role in our vision and eye health. It helps lubricate the eye and protect the eye against dryness. Lack of blinking while using the computer causes dryness and irritation in eyes, causing headaches, scratchiness and other types of discomfort. So, it is very important to blink every four to five seconds while in front of the computer screen to bring some lubrication, rest and happiness to your eyes. Sitting glued to the computer screens decreases your rate of blinking.Thus, it is important to trick our brains into voluntary blinking as well thereby easing the strain of the eye muscles.

Making a Figure 8 with your Eyes

This exercise helps in controlling the movement of your eyes. It sounds difficult, but is very simple to bring into action. All you have to do is, imagine or visualize the figure 8 ten feet away from you on a wall or a floor. Followed by this, try to trace the figure 8 with your eyes. Initially trace it one way for a few minutes, then the other way for the rest. This will ease the movement of your eyes and relax them.

Lastly, take charge of your eyes and keep them healthy with these exercises and eye workouts when you are sitting in front of your computer. These eye exercises will not only help you combat computer eyestrain, but will relax your eye muscles and increase focus.Here’s wishing a happy vision to you!

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