Though it is said that drinking water eight to ten times a day is a healthy step towards a healthy body as it keeps us hydrated, just plain water tends to become a little boring. So, why not add a little twist to come up with some of the best refreshing drinks of the season.
A lot of times you want to prepare something really unique but in no time. You end up either ordering things from outside or just offering something very common and savored a million times before. So, in the times when tastes are changing, food and drink demands are changing, how can one stay unique in the race? Of course, by exploring and coming up with new recipes and new tastes that also save your time!
So, when you are crunched in time and looking out for soothing drinks, try these five refreshing drinks that you can make in no time at all:

Watermelon Lemonade

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Try this dream come true refreshing drink in which classic lemonade meets freshly pureed watermelon to form a refreshing drink. So, when you are planning a potluck lunch with your friends or a barbeque party with your family, try this drink for the best addition to it all! Fresh and tangy, this lemonade prepared with a delightful twist of watermelon is bound to quench any thirst!

Sparkling Peach Punch

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Blend this deliciously refreshing peach punch by mixing ripe peaches into a delicious puree and swirling it in a pitcher with ginger ale. Prepare this fizzy and refreshing drink to impress your guests at the party or the next gathering. When you prepare the peach puree, you can also keep it in the freezer and serve when required. Serve it chilled with frozen peach slices and raspberries for an added flavor and colour!

Blueberry Iced Green Tea

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Green tea is often a warm drink of choice for many, whatever time of the day . Now it’s time you skipped the powdered sweet stuff and made an iced tea with healthy and natural ingredients. The scrumptious blueberry syrup makes this normal tea into one that can be relished in a party. Savour all the health benefits of green tea in a delicious way and soothe your taste buds!

Nutella Frappuccino

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Chocolate and something refreshing sounds great together, right? Relish the amazing treat with this chocolatey delight of nutella. This homemade frapuccino will delight you till the last sip and will surely help you beat your sweet tooth cravings. Try it out for the best chocolatey indulgence ever!

Grilled Pineapple Mojito

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Grilled pineapple mojito is a sweet twist on the classic cocktail that pairs perfectly with mint and lime. You can also adjust the sugar content depending on the sweetness of your pineapple.
Muddled together with mint and lime, pineapple blends to form a refreshing mojito. The grilled pineapple adds to the complete twist of this mocktail. So, if you love fruits and fruity flavoured drinks, you should definitely try out this quick and easy mojito, sure to give your taste buds a treat!
Well, these are a few refreshing drinks which you can try making when you want to get a little fancy with your offerings at a gathering. Just get the blender, some ice and these recipes to keep the heat at bay!
These easy to make and quick recipes are sure to quench your thirst as they bring along amazing flavors and fizz with them!

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