If you are often guilty of binging upon that midnight snack, you should also be guilty of forgetting to brush your teeth before you hit the bed. Your mouth is not a sterile environment and you must take care of your teeth to maintain a healthy mouth.”Taking care of your teeth and gums isn’t just about preventing cavities or bad breath,” the American Dental Association warns.”The mouth is a gateway into your body’s overall health.”

Let the sin of having a not-so-healthy mouth not take a toll upon you while you might feel the need to reconsider brushing your teeth twice daily! If you still choose to ignore, here’s a look on what diseases you are at a risk of, apart from cavities!

Gum Diseases

If you see stains of blood while you brush or floss, you probably do suffer from a gum disease or you might be on your way to one.Gingivitis, a milder form of gum disease leaves your gums red,swollen and easy to bleed. This happens due to the plague or bacteria build up between your teeth and gums. When severe, it can create pockets between the teeth and even become chronic. Being vigilant about oral hygiene can save you a lot more pain.



Poor oral hygiene is linked to respiratory disorders. The bacterial chest infections are caused when you inhale the pathogens present into your mouth, right into your lungs. You should not forget that the prevention is very basic, specially during the approach of winter season as around this time people are more prone to cold, cough and chesty viruses due to a drop in temperature!


You may have innumerable questions as to how the blood sugar can be related to oral health. But it has one of the strongest connection between your mouth and your body. The body’s ability to control blood sugar is weakened by the inflammation that starts in the mouth. It’s not just a one way flow, high blood sugar also provides ample conditions for infections to grow, including gum infections.So managing one could eventually bring to control, the other.

Pregnancy complications

If the pregnant women have serious dental problems, it is very likely for the infant to develop cavities. Poor health of a conceiving woman might also be associated with low birth weight and pre term birth.The reasons can either be an increase in inflammation or the entering of the oral bacteria into the blood stream that eventually colonizes the placenta, causing an inflammatory response.



Bad dental practices are mostly associated with mouth ulcers, tooth ache, bad breath and cavities. But in some cases unhygienic practices or negligence in oral care can also associate to cancer development in the mouth. Oral cancer affects the lining in the mouth or corrodes the deeper issues like bones and muscles and nerves around the mouth. A proper guidance and non negligence is required in terms of oral care, as unfortunately, there are people dying from this disease in large numbers!

Out of all the teeth brushing sessions you should be doing,night time is probably the most vital one. Apart from keeping your teeth shiny clean, it will do you a lot more good. No matter how worked up you may be at night,brush your teeth before bed in your necessary to do list, your body will thank you for it!

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