Did you know the microwave ovens were discovered accidentally?Until the 1940’s when an engineer named Percy Spencer was building a radar equipment in a lab and noticed that the chocolate in his pocket had melted, the microwave oven wasn’t discovered.

Before telling the world about his discovery, he experimented this accidental discovery by popping popcorn and exploding an egg, realizing that the microwaves when given a concentrated path can heat up food.And, it wasn’t long before we embraced this discovery, making it a day-to-day part of our life.

So, how do the microwave ovens work?

The electric energy which is used by the microwave to cook/heat food is turned into electromagnetic waves, called microwaves which stimulate the molecules in the food, turning the energy into heat.You can relate this process to the rubbing of your hands, the only difference being that this is occurring at the molecular level. When microwave oven is helping you to heat and cook the food easily,making life convenient, why should you reconsider using it?

Agreeing to the fact that microwave ovens are helpful, we cannot eliminate the fact that they are harmful as well and their use should be ‘limited’. Listed below are a few reasons pointing out, why you should reconsider using your microwave ovens.

1. Microwave Does Not Cook The Food from ‘The Inside Out’

If you use your microwave frequently for heating up the prepared food, you might have noticed that it is only the upper layer of the food that gets heated while the lower layer doesn’t. This happens because the microwaves excite the water molecules on the outer layer &the inner part of your food is warm as the heat transfers inward from the outer layer.

2. Boiling a Cup of Water in a Microwave Can Cause It to Explode

Yes, it is one of the potential dangers, though it’s rare. “It is called superheating”  when the water exceeds its boiling point & isn’t actually boiling. So, when the water is moved or stirred, the heat is released, splashing the hot water all over you. To avoid this, always place a wooden spoon or stick in the cup and be sure of your heating time.

3. Microwave Ovens Strips the Food of Nutrition

The original nutritional value of the food is diminished on a high scale once you microwave it and more the time the food is in the microwave the more it absorbs the radiations. The water molecules rotating rapidly in the microwave and in the food causes the molecular structure in your food to change, decreasing the nutrient content.So, what you might be having would be a plate of nutritional food demoted to “dead food.”

4. Microwaves change the way your blood cells look

A clinical study says that when individuals consume microwaved milk and vegetables their white blood cells & the cholesterol levels increase while the red blood cells decrease.

5. Microwave Ovens affect the heart negatively

The 2.4 GHz radiation level produced by the microwave affects the heart rate as well as the heart variability according to a research conducted by Dr. Magda Havas.Though these radiation levels are under the federal safety guidelines, they are still harming us regularly. Cases of dramatic heat rate changes and irregular heart beat and chest pains have been reported on consumption of regular micro-waved food.

Even with the 5 points mentioned above, it seems a good idea to altogether stop using it or at least reduce the microwave oven usage.In the end, it’s completely your choice. But investing some time and cooking food on a stove or gas is worth your life, body & taste if not anything else.

Featured image courtesy: wikimedia

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