Apart from the fact that it is the most suicidal habit ever, smoking has been associated with a variety of ailments. Cigarettes kill about six million people around the world every year. A toll that is definitely more than terrorism, alcohol or even gun violence deaths put together. Yet, there are more than 1.25 billion smokers alive and puffing around the world paying no heed to the pain they are inviting upon themselves. Low and middle income countries often face the burden of having a large percentage of the population that smokes. Cigarette companies advertise in these areas using attractive marketing gimmicks making the act of smoking look ‘cool’ to their susceptible youth.

The facts, however, remain vastly and diametrically opposite to this impression the cigarette companies are trying to convey.Here are some reasons why you should crush that cancerous stick and quit smoking for good:

It shaves off 15 years of your life

Studies have comprehensively shown that smoking can drastically cut short your life span. There is not a single organ in the human body that remains unaffected by the ravages of smoking. This vicious addiction is the cause of no less than 15 cancers and a plethora of arterial and heart diseases. However, on the flipside there is data suggesting that those that quit can have a far better chance at a healthier life than those that keep smoking. There is popular stream of thought that says quitting doesn’t help since the damage is already done, this is untrue. Quitting cigarettes, exercising on a regular basis, eating healthy among other things can help you get back the years you have lost and help you become a healthier person.

It increases stroke risk

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of stroke in the world.Cigarette smoke and the many harmful chemicals it contains cause the thickening of blood and increase the build up of plaque. This can often lead to clots getting formed in the arteries carrying blood to the brain and result in a stroke. Strokes can be fatal and survivors are often marred with various disabilities, from confusion to loss of vision. Smoking damages the arteries to a great extent, shredding their inner lining and causing a formation of fatty material that begins constricting the artery. The carbon monoxide in the smoke also lowers the oxygen content in your blood making your heart beat faster in an effort to pump more blood to the extremities.

It increases risk for infections

The exact reasons behind this are unknown, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has found a strong link between contracting infections such as pneumonia and cigarette smoking. Researchers are of the opinion that it lowers the body’s immunity levels and leaves important areas like the lungs and heart open to the scourge of infections.

Hinders sex life

Smoking is known to be the leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men around the world. A study by the American Journal of Epidemiology has effectively shown that your risk for erectile dysfunction goes up with every cancer stick you inhale.

It costs a bundle

Smoking is an expensive habit, no matter how cheaply the cigarettes are priced, the monthly and yearly costs are sufficient to give any sensible individual a pause. That is not to mention the amount of money spent on treating cigarette related or smoking related ailments. All of this money, if you quit smoking, could be used to pursue endeavours close to your heart instead of those hurting your heart.

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