Festivities are just round the corner and binging on sweets, savories and delicacies is about to happen. But chocolates can be relished anytime. Don’t you agree?

Chocolate, anyone? Well, of course, why not, you would say, isn’t it? And if we offer you a dark chocolate over a milk chocolate, wouldn’t you want to know why? Chocolate is considered to be great for health and if it’s a dark chocolate, it is even healthier. A milk chocolate bar may taste good, because of its sugar laden property,but it cannot overtake the goodness of dark chocolate to mind and body.

A dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients and is also considered to affect one’s health positively. It is one of the sources of antioxidants because of cocoa’s presence in it which is said to be good for heart because of its fermentation by gut bacteria, creating anti-inflammatory compounds which also improve blood vessel function.

Dark chocolate is very much considered to help improve health and reduce the risk of heart diseases. If you don’t believe us, then read through to know a few good reasons to know why a dark chocolate is a better option than milk chocolate:

Dark Chocolate Lowers The Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Dark chocolate helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the body thus preventing the settling down of the same in arteries. The cocoa consequently lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Consuming dark chocolate two times in a week prevents the blocking of arteries due to settling down of fat in the same . Heart disease risks are said to be reduced!

Dark Chocolate is Nutritious

A superior quality dark chocolate with high cocoa content is actually high in nutrition as it contains soluble fiber and is extremely loaded with minerals. It also contains a healthy amount of copper, iron, magnesium and all sorts of nutrients that are sure to gift you a bundle of health.

The fats in dark chocolate blend with cocoa. These fats are mostly saturated and monounsaturated, with small amounts of polyunsaturates. When consumed in moderation,dark chocolate is considered to be the best!

Improves the Brain Functioning

Dark chocolate improves the functioning of a brain. It is said that if dark chocolate is consumed for around four to five days, the high flavanol present in it improves the flow of blood to the brain. A dark chocolate hence also improves and enhances the verbal fluency. Dark chocolate consists of theobromine and caffeine which is another factor that causes the improvement of brain function.

Dark Chocolate Protects Skin against the Sun

Munching on some dark chocolate gives you a glowing skin. This is because the flavanol present in dark chocolate shields the skin against the damage caused by sun. It also improves the blood flow to skin thereby hydrating it for a glow.

Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure and Improves Blood Flow

Flavanol present in dark chocolate stimulates the lining of arteries, relaxes the arteries, thereby lowering the resistance to blood flow in turn causing a decrease in blood pressure. Go grab that dark chocolate!

It’s no secret that dark chocolate is way healthier than milk chocolate!

Dark chocolate has less sugar content, more cocoa and is cholesterol free. It is more filling, lets you take less calories when you feel like satisfying your sweet tooth cravings.Cocoa that is present in dark chocolate is high in iron, so it should not be consumed in excess.Hence, don’t overindulge but relish it in small quantities and enjoy its rich taste!

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