Watching the television or movies on your computer late into the night is something most of us do. However, this pattern is something that will not only affect your sleep patterns but also increases stress and affects your efficiency the next day. The human body requires at least seven hours of daily sleep. Studies conducted have shown that watching television or movies and shows on computers is the dominant pre-sleep activity among people.

With television actively replacing sports and reading, it is also a major cause of the poor sleep quality suffered by so many people around the world.A study conducted in the US found that out of the 21,475 adults interviewed more than 50 percent of the people watched TV before bed. One in every three Brit has a sleep disorder making it one of the most common ailments, and is a national problem according to experts. Sleep is crucial to help the body recover from the rigors of the day and helps the body increase its immunity. Less sleep is often the reason for obesity, heart disease and depression. Up to four in ten Americans do not get seven hours of sleep every night.

Here are some reasons why you should Say no to late night movies and sleep instead

Affects your alertness the next day

Watching a two-hour long movie before bed will keep you up for at least three to four hours and not allow you to get enough rest.Doing this does not allow you to sleep on time and with work the next day you end up with hardly any sleep. This has highly detrimental effects on your awareness and alertness through the day and reflects in your work.

It fails to relax you

Watching movies or shows before sleeping usually amp you up instead of relaxing you, which is crucial to getting restful sleep. They usually bring forth a strong emotional reaction which is the last thing you need before bed.

It makes you want to munch on something

munching on cookies

Watching a movie late at night is often accompanied with snacking. Eating right before bed does not allow for relaxing sleep as you are too full and harms your body because the food cannot be completely broken down and digested.

It can cause erratic sleep patterns

This behavior pattern can often lead to harmful sleep patterns and result in the individual not being able to sleep at night despite being tired. Afternoon laziness often takes over and makes you unable to focus on important tasks through the day.

It can cause diseases and even depression

Bad sleep patterns lower your body’s immunity and can be the reason for a host of diseases be it heart related, stomach related etc. Lack of sleep has also been related with depression and the lack of proper sleep patterns.

Getting a sound night’s sleep is one of the easiest ways for your body to recoup the energy lost during the day. Denying it this can result in only one way, the body will develop ailments that will force you to rest. Making sure you get a full night’s rest, at least during the weekdays is important towards not only a healthier life but also a more productive work-life.

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