The World Environment Day falls on June 5. On this day, as responsible citizens, everybody should vow to contribute to the environment by doing their bits. Such an approach will not only make it better for the coming generations to come but also help the current lot of people residing on Earth. Human beings have created quite an imbalance in the surroundings and it is now up to the fellow beings to try and repair or control the damage that’s already done. Below is a list of some of the pledges that one can take this Environment Day and make a little contribution in his or her way.

Reduce bottled water 

water bottle

It is a very well-known fact that bottled water is expensive than tap water. The tap water is also fine to drink but we still persist for the bottled water. Switching to a re-usable canteen bottle can do wonders that stay cooler as well. Also, a minor change in regular routines like carrying your own coffee mugs to office instead of using paper cups is a great idea.

Use bikes to work 

cycle to work

Cycling to work does a lot of good to the atmosphere as it saves about 250g of carbon per kilometer.Also, no prize for guessing it does great wonders to the body as well.Another smart idea is to carpool whenever possible, so that brings down the cost of individual travel to a certain extent.Kids should be taught the importance of this from a young age.

Cut down on waste 

A survey says that we waste 1/5th of the products we purchase. This way, on a regular basis we are exposing the environment to a large amount of waste which in turns increases pollution and creates an imbalance in the eco-system. Unfortunately, every left over meal and every dumped waste bag counts.

Use a green bag for shopping 

green bag

Shopping with a green bag is an innovative way to create awareness about the environment. The world would be a happier place to live in if entire world turned their backs on the usage and consumption of plastic bags. At least, a green bag will serve to be a small token or gesture for this noble cause.

 Be vegetarian once a week 

Going vegetarian for just a day can go a great deal in contributing your bit to the environment. It will prove to be a massive difference if the carbon emissions due to livestock and their transport are cut off. Adhering to this policy for a month will cut the emissions considerably. Green vegetarian are also an important source of vitamins and minerals and therefore their inclusion in the diet will only do good to those opting for it.

Small efforts like the above mentioned ones can be of great significance if every citizen takes upon himself the task of saving environment in his own way. Failure to adherence of such practices will not bring about a dramatic change right away, but it will surely be of some help slowly and steadily, for this generation and the next ones to come.





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