If you are familiar with the internet you will definitely be familiar with TED, short for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Staying true to their slogan, ideas worth spreading, TED talks bring you talks from leading minds in their fields talking on a variety of subjects, from architecture to cardiovascular health, for free.

We live in a world where very few people spend time in taking care of their health let alone keeping in mind what it takes to stay balanced in today’s world. A lot of these talks revolve around the growing awareness about the importance of health and wellness. These talks are interesting, interactive, fun, and most of all, carry a powerful message along with them. Take for example Jamie Oliver’s famous ‘teach every child about food’ talk or polar explorer Ben Saunder’s talk ‘don’t bother leaving the house’,they pack a mighty punch.

Here are five TED talks that you must watch:

Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food

A strong advocate for healthy eating since years, Britain’s well known chef Jamie Oliver served up some heavy words to the audience in this one. He starts the chat with a stark message, stating “Sadly, in the next 18 minutes when I do our chat, four Americans that are alive will be dead through the food they eat.” An opening line to beat all opening lines.

He goes on to talk about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, home-cooking and the various ailments that people around the world are suffering from due to bad dietary patterns. He ends the talk by saying that not all is lost just yet and states that this is a very, very preventable problem.

Christopher McDougall: Are we born to run?

In this riveting talk, McDougall uses his expertise in evolution and anthropology to explain the many ways in which running helped early humans. In this talk McDougall uses various stories and anecdotes to explains how running is an integral part of human beings. He starts off with the piercing story of Derartu Tulu, a 37 year old Ethiopian woman, who has not won a marathon event for almost eight years but finally wins in spectacular fashion.

Dean Ornish: Healing through diet

A physician and author by profession, Dean Ornish’s talk on how following specific dietary patterns facilitate physical healing is enlightening to say the least. Ornish is a clinical professor at UCSF and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute.

His idea is simple and revolutionary at the same time. He says that most of medicine is like mopping up the floor without turning off the faucet. Talking bout ailments like obesity to cardiovascular diseases, Ornish points out how all of these can be effectively tackled through a healthy diet.

Ben Saunders: Why bother leaving the house?

The youngest person ever to ski solo to the North Pole, Ben Saunders is intimately familiar with the importance and necessity of getting out of the house. In this vastly informative and entertaining talk he talks about the importance of getting out of the house and your comfort zone. He gives powerful examples and uses brilliant imagery to explain the gulf between thinking and doing.

Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off

Stefan Sagmeister, a designer based out of New York, takes a year off work every seven years to help recharge his batteries and approach his work with a fresh perspective. In this talk he speaks about the importance of taking time off, both for your health as well as for improving the quality of your work. He gives examples and anecdotes from his own experiences to make the point that taking time off from work is not just good, it is a necessity for a better life.

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