While strokes were once generally caused among the elderly, this disease has now begun to claim younger and younger people. Young adults these days are as must at stroke risks as seniors. This is a situation that has been brought upon primarily because of the lifestyle choices made by people today. From unhealthy fast food to sedentary lifestyles, people may try and blame television, video games and the promotional tactics of big corporations, the fact remains that we as a people are taking less care of ourselves than we should. Stroke occurs when an obstruction in your arteries chokes the brain of its necessary blood supply, and thus oxygen. It can often be fatal, as well as cause severe disabilities in survivors.


Here are some simple lifestyle changes that you can adopt to avoid a stroke risk and lead a healthier lifestyle:




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Researchers have found that people who exercised had better memory functions. They found that language skills, judgment and reasoning skills, of people who exercised regularly, improved by almost 50 percent. If that is not reason enough, this is the one way you can make sure your body is keeping up with the life you lead. Exercising on a regular basis improves the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity and boosts circulation. It keeps at bay heart diseases, arterial constriction among a host of other ailments and keeps you fit.


Eat right:


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A rushed lifestyle is often a lifestyle fed on takeaway menus and fast food joints. Fast food like chips, fries or burgers, are often loaded with all the bad kind of fats, sugars and exhibit a glaring lack of nutrients. Start with incorporating a big, healthy breakfast in your eating schedule. Something with a lot of fruits, salads and proteins would be a great start. Any temptations towards fried food and sugars should be treated with great caution, control your intake. You need only a limited amount of energy every day to do your desired tasks, eating more than required will only build up as fat in your body and cause you irreparable damage.


Stop smoking:


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Smoking is one of the biggest killers on the planet, if that doesn’t deter you, then the fact that you might be added to the lists of casualties should. The nicotine is an absolute terror for your arterial functions and your heart while the tar deposits affect your respiratory and circulatory functions. There is not a single part of your body that smoking does not affect. Quit smoking and in one fell swoop you decrease your chances of having a stroke.


Get regular checkups:


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Most people refrain from going to a doctor right up until they can barely get out of bed and the disease has already progressed far. While strokes can happen at any given point of time a doctor can help pin point symptoms and lifestyle issues that could be affecting your health. Regular checkups for your heart and arterial health including cholesterol tests are crucial to being informed about your own body. If we can read a manual before buying a product the least we can do for our body is buy a paid inventory about what it might be up to.


Educate your loved ones:


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Knowing the symptoms of stroke can probably save someone’s life. Slurred speech, numbness or loss of movement on one side of the body, confusion are a few of the basic symptoms of stroke. Make sure that everyone knows the symptoms and can identify them easily.

These small but significant changes in your day to day lives can go a long way in keeping your stroke risk at a minimum.

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