Be it playing music, dancing, cooking or even taking long walks, there are a bunch of activities that are healthy and incredibly habit forming. Just like there are addictions to substances there are also positive addictions that can help one center themselves after an inordinately tough workday. Positive activities help balance out your day and give you the pep you need, these activities also can make you happy, giving you a natural dopamine boost.

Work and life today revolves around screens. Be it the computer screen at work, or your personal laptop and smartphone away from work. Finding activities that force you to stay offline are crucial in the general scheme of things. The human body does not enjoy the amount of sedentary activities we force on it in today’s day and age. Doing positive, physical and mental, activities is a great way to boost your self-esteem and confidence. Just how a bad substance addiction can upend your life, a healthy addiction can just as well make your life so much better.

Here are a few offline activities that can be incredibly addictive:


Yes, as simple as that. Pick up a book and find yourself the perfect little nook, curl up with a warm cup of coffee or tea, whatever your preference, and allow yourself to get lost in the story. Books are wildly therapeutic, and fiction is the perfect little cocoon for a fatigued mind to gain a new perspective. Reading may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but stories definitely are! Find the kind of stories you want to hear. Reading improves one’s concentration, focus and the ability to compartmentalize.


Haruki Murakami swears by it! What’s more this celebrated author has even written a whole book around this subject. Running is a high intensity cardiovascular exercise. Even in the middle of a long workday if you step out of the chair and do a couple of minutes worth of jogging on the spot, it gets your heart going. It stimulated the release of mood elevating endorphins and gives you a more optimistic outlook. Running provides your mind the stimulus it needs to work faster and in a more efficient fashion.


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With a glut of cookery shows available on TV there are many an amazing kitchen cook that have been created. Cooking is a great stress buster and gives you time to organise yourself and create something. Moreover, it does not hurt to have a great meal coming out of the time you take to relax after a long day at work. Cooking is something that requires a little bit of practice, but with the right information and dedication you’ll be whipping up some amazing recipes in no time. Try and start with something that you enjoy to eat and the experience will be more memorable.

Join a gym

Exercise is an addiction, ask any fitness freak and they’ll tell you this in not so many words. The muscle burn that accompanies a good round of exercise is something to look forward to for many people. Taking out about one hour every day would be more than enough to give you the workout that you need. There are a number of routines you can choose from, however, join a gym simply because it helps you train with professionals.

Play a sport

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A team sport helps you build great leadership skills and teamwork. Regardless of the feeling of competition, it is the feeling of playing alongside a bunch of like-minded individuals that becomes a regular thrill. A sport can help you build connections and can become your place to meet friends and others who enjoy the same things you do. Find a sport that suits you and dedicate enough time in the week to it. Slowly, your chosen sport will become an addiction. One of the most positive addictions there is.

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