It is not uncommon for working professional, or any child or adult these days to go without snacks the whole day. Erratic meal schedules are a part and parcel of the hectic lives we lead today. It is a common occurrence for anyone working late into the night that hunger pangs begin with a soft purr grow into a full blown growl.However, if you are blaming your snacking routine to your bulging waistline, that might be a little unjust, it could as well be the snacks and the quantities you are eating.

Most of the snacks today are loaded with sodium, saturated fats and carbohydrates.With almost 25 percent of our daily food being supplied to the body in the form of snacks, we still find ourselves reaching for that bag of fried chips instead of an apple.

This is exactly what needs to change, and it is a change that can be effected only by you. A healthy lifestyle will not just one day reveal itself; it needs to be worked on and needs an investment of time, will and patience. Selecting healthier snacking options could help you not only get healthy it can also give you more energy and help you stay energetic.

Here are some healthy alternatives when the hunger cravings attack:

Schedule your snacks

One of the easiest things to do to keep your appetite for snacks in check is to give it a regimented routine. Divide up your snacks around your meals so that you don’t go more than five hours without a snack. Having done this, it is imperative to understand that all efforts will be of no avail if you dig into a packet of fries, a couple of sodas and a chocolate bar and call it snacking. Choose healthy food like salads, kale chips, soya sticks etc.

Drink iced tea or herbal tea


One of the biggest snacking mistakes is drinking sodas.Carbonated drinks more often than not contain caffeine which may help you stay awake in the short duration but does massive damage to your body in the long run.Brew yourself a nice warm cup of tea if you feel the need to drink something to keep you up. Not only will it help you stay alert, green tea or herbal tea works as a natural anti-oxidant and is greatly beneficial to your body. If you are in the mood for something cool make iced tea for yourself with a dollop of honey and mint.

Serve up sweet alternatives

A sweet tooth craving is almost always characterized with a binge indulgence of all things sugary. However, finding the right sweet foods to eat can help you minimize the damaging effects of sugar loaded foods. Greek yoghurt, caramelized nuts, honey etc. are just a few sweet products that can help you tide through your sweet binge. Learning a couple of new dessert recipes involving healthy eating would not be a bad idea. Limit your intake of chocolates, cakes,cookies etc. instead find healthier ways to make them yourself.

Eat enough protein

Eat healthy

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One of the most important components that help control blood sugar patterns, proteins can help you feel full and prevent food cravings. All meals should have some source of protein be it in the form of eggs, lean meat, cheese,sprouted beans, lima beans, sweet corn etc. Protein rich foods help in the production of choleycystokinin which helps in digestion and acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

Drink water

Water not only helps in hydrating your body, the lack of which could be causing a craving for salty snacks. Drinking water helps you feel full and refreshes you and can often work well to ward off the usual cravings.

Only you can master your craving for unhealthy snacks, the lack of which could spell grave danger for your body and overall health.

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