It won’t be an exaggeration to say that there is pretty much an application for everything these days, if there isn’t one out there is because it is probably still being made. With smart phones becoming one of the most common gadgets around, people have taken to using smartphone apps to help them with a variety of activities from cooking great food to working out. Applications on your mobile phones have made it easier for you to go shopping, pay bills, or even get your groceries without having to get up from where you are. There are thousands of time and effort saving applications for all types of smartphone systems be it Android, iPhone or a Windows based phone. While some of these applications can be called the new high-water mark for laziness, there are some that are essential if you want to stay organized in this internet driven world.

Here are a few applications that you can use to make life easier for you:


Checking your emails on the phone is one of the best uses a smartphone provides. However, with all the information people usually stuff into emails the essential message takes a little scrolling to get to. The various headers, signatures and other non-essential information can often make this process taxing considering the smaller screen space available. Mailwise is a mobile email solution that focuses on the main message of every email. All repetitive information like headers and signatures are omitted allowing for clean conversations. Repetitive information can be grouped to create different information categories.


There is a constant sharing of information happening online. There are blog posts, articles, news factoids and a host of other content being shared and there are bound to be pieces of information that you’d want to read at your leisure. Pocket lets you save blog posts and articles so that you can read them at leisure when you are offline. They also send out ‘most pocketed’ articles every week depending upon what you usually read. But most importantly, you can choose the font size you want to ensure a more comfortable reading experience.


If you are someone who eats out frequently, chances are you already have the Yelp app installed in your phone. Be it your search for a restaurant around your new work place or simply double-checking a menu Yelp is a great way to check out the businesses in the city and get a fair idea of what options are available to you.


A meditation app, Calm will help you find time through the day to take a step back and breathe.For those working in high-powered high-pressure jobs, something like this app is essential to keep them balanced and centered through the hectic workday. You can choose your session to be accompanied with soothing music as well as beautiful images.


If you are someone who enjoys running and listening to music at the same time give this app a try. It has a surprisingly large array of songs and selects music for you depending upon your heart-rate. If Rocky’s ‘Eye of the tiger’ makes you want to run you should definitely try this application the next time you go out for a jog.

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