It is a brilliant feeling, getting that dream job with a package that you believe you’ve always deserved. But any new job comes with its own share of trials and tribulations. Settling into that new workplace may be a breeze or it may be harder than doing one-handed push-ups. Any new beginning comes with its own portion of risks and the same holds true for jobs, in fact, more so than others. The interviewers have hired you for the person you portrayed to be during the interview. It is essential for you to live up to the image that you have created, but you also need to adapt to the new working environment and social dynamics.

Landing a job is half the battle won, as any corporate veteran would say, keeping it is the crucial other half. Being too withdrawn or aloof during your initial days at work can turn against you in the long run. Having a good working relationship with your colleagues is essential to getting your work done on time, and to your mental well-being. As if it was not enough to meet the new deadlines and work around different regulations, you also have to make sure that you don’t cause any untoward frowns among your colleagues and bosses. Here are some easy ways you can breeze through your initial days at work:

Gain their respect

Having landed the job it is time now to prove that you are worth the faith put in you by the company. Give voice to your inner extrovert and make the most of your strengths. Work on making tangible contributions to the company to get that initial boost of encouragement that can propel you further. Grab every chance you get to meet a new colleague and ask them about your role and how you can better assist them. Give them feedback and always, this can never be stressed enough, ensure you deliver before the deadline. Quality work is one of the best way to gain the respect of the people you are working with. Always be ready to go out of your way to do something for your colleagues, add that to a ready smile and there is no surer way to gain someone’s respect.

Do your research

There is a certain amount of research conducted about a company before an interview, an even more extensive research is required before you join them. Make sure you are familiar with the company structure, key personnel, and most importantly make notes on how you plan to approach your role. Try and find ways you can best achieve the required standards and results to become an indispensable member of your new organization. It is important to hit the ground running when starting a new job, and there is no better way to achieve this other than doing your research.

Find yourself a mentor

If you have finally gotten a foot in the door to the job-role and company you always wanted, it is time to learn the ropes. Talk to the others around you, your colleagues and boss and identify someone you can relate to and who can guide you at work as well as give you required advice for your career. Senior staff are always more experienced, and far more understanding of the troubles a new recruit faces. A mentor is someone you can ideate with, lounge around after a long day at work or prep all night for a pitch the next morning. Having someone you look up to at work can make the new job a learning experience and give you essential motivation required to succeed at the highest level.

Adapt to the culture

A new office means new ways of doing things. Letters to the HR have to be CC’d to your boss, the coffee maker does not work from 3 pm to 5 pm, birthdays are celebrated with samosas and cake, these and a host of little things make up the culture of the office. Tiny idiosyncrasies and regulations, the way the team celebrates events and achievements, and especially failure, depict the spine and culture of the organization. It is crucial, as a new recruit, to quickly come to terms with the regulations of the new company and work according to them. But more importantly it is imperative to understand the driving philosophy the team, and the organization, work with.

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