There is no one who can deny that life is not hectic. It can often be a barrage of one surprise after the other, leaving you wrung out and haggard at the end of the day. Finding a certain amount of balance through the day can be hard enough without having to face a barrage of haphazard activities through the day. All of this can be more than easily managed if one only plans their day in advance. That, however, in many cases is akin to asking an ostrich fly.

Planning requires time and a clear understanding of one’s priorities, but once set, the plan will help you in more ways than you can dream of. Imagine not having to run for a meeting at the last minute, imagine having a fifteen minute break after lunch to help the lunch settle, all of this is eminently possible provided you plan right.

Here are a few ways that can help you plan for a high energy work-day:


One of the most ignored rules of planning, especially in day-to-day lives, prioritizing is crucial to make sure you have adequate energy for all required tasks. Spending a majority of your time and energy in a task that isn’t urgent at the cost of something that is, while counter-intuitive, is fairly common. Setting a list of priorities can help you identify what requires a bulk of your time today and what doesn’t. This will help you conserve energy for the most essential tasks and protect you from expending too much on inconsequentialities.

Rise early

This one can seem more than a little daunting if you’re nocturnally wired, like the writer of this piece. It is, however, the best way to get a jump-start on the day and is hand’s down the best way to have an energetic day. Establish a routine of rising up at the same time every day. Make an effort to pin down your circadian rhythms to ensure that you rise with the first light, or at least as close to it as you can get. Fight the temptation to sleep in for a week, it gets easier; that’s a solemn promise from a reluctant riser. Use this time to plan your day, identify the important activities that need to be done, be it at home or at work.

Make a schedule

No you do not have to be running a Fortune 500 company to have a schedule, no it does not make you a wuss, and yes it is definitely cool! Plan your time so as to make the most of your day, as platitudinous as that might sound, it rings true. Everyone has a patch of the day when they are at their most creative. Identify this patch and schedule the toughest tasks of the day for it. Similarly, there will be a time of the day where you may be at your slowest. Such a part of the day needs some low-intensity, less creative activities. Making a schedule and planning your day can save you the energy you expend in going about your day helter-skelter.

Work on the go

Call it the curse of the internet-generation, or a need of the hour, multitasking is something that is required in most professional lives. In juggler parlance, finding the right balance between the number of balls you have in the air and the number of balls you have in your hands is crucial. Finding this balance is a matter of trial and error, and more often than not, is a work in progress. It is never advisable to multitask with crucial tasks, where a slip-up can prove to be costly in more ways than one.

Having a high energy day requires one to do all of the above, or at least some of it. Find your own balance, and plan where you will be spending your energy.

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