Those of us that love sports are intimately familiar with the unbridled wave of happiness or sadness that comes with following your favourite team. But playing sports has its own range of benefits. It is  widely acknowledged among researchers and physicians that people playing sports on a regular basis not only boosts their health, but also their decision making skills. A 2011 study showed that playing sports with social interactions, or team sports, make us the happiest. Playing a team sport provides amazing life lessons to us as kids and as adults, continues to teach us things that we would require in our day-to-day lives.

In fact, even calling yourself a sports fan has shown to have a remarkable effect on a person’s mindset and well being. They exhibit lower rates of stress, depression and a higher self esteem. This is usually because of the bonding and camaraderie that results because of the sport. Something as simple as watching a cricket match with your friends can be a brilliant stress-buster.

Here are some ways in which sports can make you happier:

Keeps you fit:

Studies have effectively proven that the endorphins released in your body when you exercise help you keep your mood elevated. Playing sports on a regular basis can help you stay fit and give your body the regular exercise that it requires to stay fit. Playing sports is not just about the play, make sure you indulge in an effective warm up before the game and establish a cool-down regime prior to the game. These would involve basic stretching exercises so that your muscles don’t stiffen up as well as ensure that your joints and limbs are limber and strong.

Gives you a sense of belonging:

Playing a team sport is basically indulging in a fun instruction of life’s myriad lessons. These types of sports need effective and constant communication so as to ensure a positive result. They not only teach you how best to interact with people but also give you a sense of strong camaraderie. This amity can extend beyond the playing field as well and helps you forge important friendships. It is this aspect of sports that makes it so important for your happiness.

Helps you focus better:

The most important thing about playing a sport is being focused. Concentration on a ball being flung in your direction or that defender sliding to tackle as you dribble onwards, it is an essential part of any sport. Playing sports on a regular basis helps you focus better and provides you that avenue to practice and increase your concentration levels.

Helps you blow off some steam:

There is nothing like sports for expending all that anger and frustration that builds up with long hours at work. Round up your friends on weekends and indulge in a game of football, something as simple as this can pleasantly exhaust you and help your mind get rid of the frustration of work. Sports are a brilliant way to expend your energy and can work as a good way to wind down after a long day at work. Many young professionals choose to play a sport instead of going to a gym, saying that it is a better and more sociable workout. And rightly so, sports not only help your body in staying fit but also play a huge role in keeping your mental well being at its optimum.

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