The Dalai Lama once popularly said that if every eight-year old in this world is taught meditation we would eliminate violence in a single generation. It is a feeling that many around the world embrace whole-heartedly. Meditation has been proven to have massive benefits for both the body and the mind.The first impression to meditation might just restlessness, boredom or even frustration for that matter.

But it is the initial push that gets you over the hump and opens up for you a vast array of benefits both psychological and physiological.

Your mind is a constant stream of chatter, perspectives, thoughts and emotions all roiling through at the speed of light and it has never been still in your life. Meditation seeks to help you still this stream and find a balance, it is natural that there will be initial pangs and frustration as the mind tries to rebel against the notion, but with time and discipline this too can be overcome.

Here are some tips for you to get started with meditation.

Choose a time:

Meditation is all about relaxing yourself and should be done at your convenience, however, it will give the best and most effective results if you dedicate a time for it. Early mornings are the most propitious and allow you to get a brilliant start to your day. Make sure that you try and sit regularly, everyday at that time for meditation regardless of where you might be. This will not only engender a certain discipline in you but also ensure that you are meditating on a regular basis.

Choose a space:

Most people who meditate on a regular basis set a space aside in their houses for them to meditate.Having a small nook assigned to the process of meditation not only helps you get into the zone as soon as you sit down, it also helps you arrange your seating to your comfort. Meditation does not require any form of physical stress but having a good posture while meditating is essential. If you are traveling on a regular basis get yourself a yoga mat or simply use a blanket and tuck it under you when sitting for meditation. This will not only help in your posture but get your mind in the zone for meditating. Make sure the space is quiet and has no distractions.

Keep stomach relatively empty:

This is one of the main reasons why most people practice meditation early in the morning. Having an empty stomach not only allows you to retain your mental acuity but also help you stay awake. However,having hunger pangs while meditating is also not desirable. Have a very light breakfast before sitting down to meditate.

Stretch before meditating:

One of the most important things to understand about meditation is that your body is not used to sitting still for long periods of time. Sitting with your legs crossed in one place for a long span of time can cause the obstruction of blood flow as well as cramps and pins and needles. A few rounds of simple stretching exercises or sukshma yoga can help your body limber up before sitting down. This will do wonders for your posture as well as the amount of time you can meditate.

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