Working parents are the perfect jugglers. They carefully dorn different roles at work and home, with family, kids and many other things. While there might be some days when the body is exhausted and demands rest for it to start another new day,only working parents have the ability to deceive their bodies convincingly.With teenagers at home, the juggling act becomes even more difficult.Teens are famous for their tantrums and disobedience and this is something which can and will never stop. It is just like space; infinite, it has no end.

So, rather than telling them about their tantrums and asking them to be wise, which they are never going to listen to, let’s become smart parents. We know that working parents know this best, but this is for all the ones-to-be, about smart parenting!.

  1. Stop saying “Stop arguing with me”

“Stop arguing with me,” this is what each and every parent tells his children, who they forget are no more children but have grown into teenagers. You need to realise that this is an age where teenagers often want to prove themselves- Prove their self- worth, prove what are they capable of, prove that even they can build their own identity.

Instead of arguing with them, you could just go back to doing what you were doing and let them know about “what is wrong” when they are ready to listen.This creates a more mature bond between the two of you and can save you from a little exhaustion on arguments.

  1. Start placing facts

Encourage them to stand on their legs and be there to show them the path. Teenage is the time when curiosity is at its best. They would definitely need a convincing “Why” for all the questions they ask. Be prepared! Place the facts in front of them with their repercussions and benefits and let them decide what is good and bad for them. You will see how your little child has grown up into a mature one.

  1. Give them their Freedom & space

Parents need to give children their space and freedom. Rather than restricting them, just set them free; to go and experience whatever they want to. Later, sit together and discuss with them about their experiences- both good and bad. Listen to their stories- however bad they may be. This will only make your teenage child befriend you to open up his secrets and to let you inside his world. The best chance you have to make him listen to you and to show him the right and wrong.Yes, this wasn’t something that was done at your time but you need to understand you need to change with time. The world is changing fast!

  1. Don’t spy, but keep yourself informed

“I need to know where ever you are going,” isn’t just enough for your teenage kid. They need to know why.We understand that  you do all this because you are worried about them. But you need to understand that there is a way of doing and saying everything. That’s called smarter parenting.So, what to do? Try out a more humor approach when dealing with your teenage kids like, “Wouldn’t you want to tell me where you are going, just in case you get kidnapped you know! :)”. This will let your kid understand your purpose of asking and sportively reply to you even when they know why!

Handling teenagers are difficult, but once you manage to tug at their heart’s strings and make them open up to you, there’s never going to be a better parenthood.


What do you think?