The end of one more year, and the start of yet another brings with it a mixed bag of feelings. Many of us struggle with feelings of not having done enough in the year gone past and end up with a strong case of the blues, right before the new-year comes through. Hardly a happy start to the new-year. It could be something like not sticking to your workout routine and finding yourself a little too bloated by the end of the year. It could even be you not being able to meet your career goals, or finding yourself feeling stagnated in your career and desirous of something new.

When you set yourself goals that you hope to achieve this year there is always a temptation to go in and give it your all. However, as the year progresses the usual rigors of life assert you and a certain amount of lethargy creeps in. For many, the sheer idea of sticking to a plan begins to feel oppressive and they start craving a change from the routine. For someone who is keen on watching his/her weight this year, a usual slip would be to skip making a healthy breakfast and have a couple of doughnuts on the way to work. Someone who hopes to work-out regularly might start skipping those regular evening jogs because ‘there is just too much to do at work.’ These might look like small slips, but these slips soon snowball into habits and before you know it all your determined decisions at the start of the year have gone out of the window.

There are some small things that can change your life;that you can do to ensure that life in the new-year gives you exactly what you want:

Ask your family and friends for support


Let’s face it. There are some things in life that will always be done better with a little help from your friends, or family. Talk to them and use their help to achieve your goals, be it to find you a better job, or to get back in shape, or to finish that marathon you have been dreaming of running.

Identify what got you stuck last year

For many people there are some resolutions that just fail to stick. Try and use the end of the year to identify where you might have gone wrong and what can you do differently this year. If you want to write a short story this year, park yourself on a chair more often, or if you want that perfect body begin working out, sans excuses, every day. Understanding where you fell short will help you take stock and plan better for the coming year.

Get enough sleep

get enough sleep

Most problems, including lack of focus, concentration and motivation can be caused due to a lack of sleep. Make a decision, and stick by it, to go to bed early, there will be exceptions but make sure they only work to prove the rule.

Take up a sport


If you are the type who thrives under challenges, you will definitely have a sport you enjoy. Make time in the new-year to play that sport and work to get better at it. Not only is this a wonderful physical experience it is also highly beneficial for your well-being and gives you a much needed break through the work laden weeks to do something you enjoy.

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