Having a kitchen garden can be not only turn out to be a therapeutic habit but also yield you some amazing, herbs, fruits and veggies through the year. Having a small balcony should be no hindrance to your vegetable garden dreams, marshal the use of the terrace, or adopt the use of a grow-light to grow vegetables indoors (It works!). Growing your own food gives you greater control over the quality of food you are eating and is also a very healthy habit to form. Organic growing is not a mere fad, it is a necessity for most of us around the world.

This begs the question what can you actually grow in your kitchen garden, and to that there is no one answer. Are you someone who loves salads, grow yourself some spinach and cherry tomatoes, maybe you like your pesto sauce a little too much, grow some basil for yourself. There are hundreds of optionsout there, here are some of the easiest and most versatile veggies you can grow in your backyard:



A staple of almost all kitchens, coriander also known as cilantro, or dhaniya, is regularly used in food and also eaten raw. It is an ideal plant to grow in a budding kitchen garden. Not only is it very easy to grow, it gives yields in a very short duration and can be easily accommodated in a balcony or terrace, let alone a spacious backyard. No longer do you need through the drooping coriander leaves in the vegetable market, grow your own right at your home. You can either use seeds or transplant stems, and they can be easily grown in trays and shallow flat containers. Keep them in a place that receives a decent amount of sunlight and after 5-7 days of seeding you should see the first sprouts, they should be ready to harvest within ten days.



The perfect accompaniment for sandwiches and salads, lettuce is one of the oldest foods known to man.It can be grown by seeds or early transplants and can be ready for harvest within three to four weeks.This plant requires regular watering and will grow rapidly, if you have a cramped space it may not beideal unless you choose to grow it indoors. Plant the seeds about a quarter of an inch deep in the soil and water them regularly. Space the seeds sufficiently keeping in consideration the width of each plant’s growth. Grow your own lettuce and use it for your salads or sandwiches, fresh and organic.



Having your very own herb garden could very well be a reality. A simple stair-like structure in your balcony can provide you enough herbs to make all the pesto sauce and assorted chutneys you want. Herbs can also survive well inside provided they get at least some amount of light through the day. They need at least four hours of sun every day and some herbs like basil are strong enough to survive without too much fussing about them. Treat yourself to some mint tea from your own garden, there is nothing like fresh herbs grown at home to spice up your kitchen.


tomatoesHeirloom tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, these fruits are some of the most versatile summer produce around. Requiring about six to eight hours of daily sunlight, these plants can grow up to a surprising ten feet and can provide ample amount of fruits for daily consumption and canning. While these plants may require you to give them support as they grow, it is essential to let the plant reach proper maturity before harvesting.


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