The new year gives everyone a sense of renewal, of second chances and an opportunity to make the most of the year that is coming;new year resolutions in short. It is essential to start afresh in the new-year, to leave the past behind, and make yourself into the individual you always aspired to be. It is a time when almost everyone promises themselves of doing better the next time around, of telling themselves that things will be different in the new-year. There are those who think that new year resolutions are silliness, but then again how different are they from your usual life goals? The catch lies in the time of the year, there is a sense of starting anew with a new year, and this helps in giving you a nice little push to achieve your goals.

There is a great sense of satisfaction in articulating your goals and achieving them and it does wonderful things for your self-esteem. But research shows that while 40% of us make resolutions barely 8% of people end up achieving them. Let’s try and push that number higher, keeping in tune with that sentiment here are four new-year resolutions that everyone should consider and are considerably easy to keep.

Learn to let go:


Daily life gives us a few people who become essential to our existence, on the flipside it also gives us those people who are nothing but pure irritants. Be they at work, on social media or even in your extended family or group of friends, their negativity piles up on you. Learn to let these people go, reduce your interactions with them or if you really care about them sit them down and ask them why they insist on spewing negativity.



The feeling of being on the move, seeing a different city or a landscape you have never seen is definitely something everyone should experience. If you are feeling bad that you didn’t get to spend enough time traveling last year make it a point to do so this time around. Set achievable goals for yourself, you don’t necessarily have to go to Phuket or Bangkok, settle for a location that is near your city and plan the vacations in advance.

Make that career move you’ve been wanting to:


Big changes in the career, be it changing jobs or starting your own venture are often fraught with risk and thus something we keep delaying until it is too late. Don’t let it get out of hand, if you feel you are under-appreciated at work or think that you will be more motivated and driven at your own venture, make that move now. Plan it out to the last detail, ensure that you have a job before you quit your last one, but start playing the field. If you want to start a venture, set the gears in motion and give it your best shot.

Be considerate:


While this may be something every mother tries to teach their children, but it is a habit we fall out of quite easily in today’s fast paced world. Being considerate is not only limited to your family or loved one, but extends to the entire species. Make it a point to go out of your way to help someone, volunteer at a local social service center or simply donate to a cause that you relate to.




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