Our lives have only gotten progressively busier with each passing decade. Time is at a premium and everyone is actively looking for ways to save the little that they seem to have for their own selves. One of the biggest problems of this day and age is the sheer influx of material objects that we have surrounded with. Think about it, the Neanderthal man did not have to stand in front of a closet full of haphazardly arranged clothes every morning and pick out an outfit!

There are so many little things around the house and in our daily lives that takes up so much of our time unnecessarily. Simple, common-sense techniques can not only help you make more time from your daily routine, but also make sure that you are keeping your lifestyle as organised as possible. The key to having a well-ordered lifestyle is to know all the right, effective short-cuts to getting some of the most time-consuming tasks for the day. Be it organising your closet, fridge or even cleaning out your drain, there are easy to do hacks for everything.

Here are a few lifestyle hacks that will prove invaluable to the professional on the run:

Iron out the wrinkles

One of the most irritating and time-consuming of jobs in the day is to iron our clothes. Not having a crease-less shirt looks messy, but finding time so as to iron your clothes also is troublesome. Steam has proven to be a wrinkle-remover par excellence. One of the best ways to remove wrinkles from your clothes is to hang them above a pot of boiling water and let the steam do its job. You can also try chucking your wrinkled clothes into a washing machine with a cup full of ice and run it on high (without water, duh!). The steam that is generated will automatically de-wrinkle your clothes.

Pack it right

Packing for a trip, long or short, is always full of pitfalls. The constant fear of having forgotten something plays up and if you are like the writer of this piece, a haphazard packer, you may actually have forgotten something. Packing lists are a crucial, but what is more important is knowing what to pack where. Make sure that the bar of soap you are carrying stays with the unwashed clothes, it will hide the smell well. Use the cylindrical tissue-roll holders to store your wires and socks to avoid tangles and messes. Use a medicine organising tray to keep your jewellery for long trips to avoid getting them all mixed up.

Organise your fridge

Yes, all of us love a stroll to the fridge in those empty hours when nothing really is happening. But opening the fridge to an avalanche of food descending on us is hardly a heartening feeling. Use binder-clips to hang your veggies in the fridge to keep them from spilling and piling up. Use frozen grapes to chill your wine to save it from being too watered down. Using labelled baskets can be a great way to save on space and organise your fridge even better.

Charge it quicker

One of the biggest problems of the smartphone generation, we are always running out of charge on our phone batteries. Firstly charging your phone from your laptop is never going to be as fast as a wall socket charger. Invest in a good wall socket charger, they are quite affordable. It is also a good idea to keep your phone on airplane mode when charging. This helps the phone charge twice as quick. It would also be a great help if you didn’t keep checking the battery levels every ten minutes. Also, if you have run out of chargers at a hotel, LCD TVs usually have a USB port behind them, use that for charging.

Quick Question:

How much faster does your phone charge while it’s on airplane mode?

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