Fitness is not simply a luxury, it is a necessity of the human body and a certain amount of exercise on a regular basis is as important as getting enough sleep. However, despite this simple piece of age-old common sense, we often find ourselves making excuses and wriggling out of having to push our bodies a little further. Lifestyles today have evolved into a fleet-footed hurdle race where slowing down is considered to be a certain kind of failure. It has changed priorities radically, from spending time on being fit and eating healthy more time is spent at the desk working and eating junk.

There are many people around the world for whom regular exercise is a priority. They are the people who are always asking if you have a gym around your house when they are visiting, or simply rolling out there yoga mat every morning. These actions, for such individuals, become a routine, staying fit has become a habit. If only good habits were as easy to form, and as much fun, as bad habits. The front part of the brain, which regulates self-restraint, is a relatively fresh evolution for the human brain, the back of the brain containing centers of pleasure, and emotion, is relatively far older, and usually more dominant. Maybe this explains why such a large percentage of the population is either unfit or struggling to get fit.

Getting fit is all about including certain habits into your routine as seamlessly as possible. Here are some basic habits that you can start with which will hold you in good stead going forward:

Have fun with your workout

A workout does not have to be boring! Change things up every day. If you are going to a gym talk to your trainer about different exercises for your target muscle groups. For those that are just starting out keep each day for a different exercise, for example if you are jogging today, bicycle the next day and the day after that you could go swimming. If nothing, you can always carry with yourself your personal soundtrack for fitness. Put on those headphones every time you exercise to get into the zone. There are a number of fitness routines out there, from dance and aerobics to cross-fit training and martial arts.

Take your pick and try and figure out what form of workout do you enjoy best.

Push yourself

One of the most important things to remember when working out is to always encourage yourself and keep pushing towards the goals you have set yourself. There are too many people who give up after a single week at the gym. More often than not the excitement of wanting to achieve a health goal can fire you up for a few days, but when sore muscles scream it wanes off quite rapidly. The hallmark of the fit is a steely determination to push beyond the pain and stick to the routine they have set. Always keep looking for ways to make your workout more effective as you go forward. Having a friend you can exercise with can help push you towards achieving your goals.

Dump the junk

The biggest benchmark of a healthy individual in today’s day and age that there are no signs of junk food and highly salted snacks in their kitchens. Try to avoid buying snacks, instead look up some recipes you can make for yourself. Trade in the time spent in front of the TV snacking on potato-chips to standing in the kitchen concocting something delicious and healthy. Nothing adds to your waistline like junk food does, find yourself healthy replacements for the same and see the change it makes.

Participate in events

One of the biggest thrills of exercise is that you do not have to do it alone. A lot of people these days are taking up kickboxing or other martial arts in the form of an exercise. Zumba and dance fitness classes too have seen quite a boost over the years. With all of these different forms of exercises comes an opportunity to participate in competitions and events that can give you the validation you deserve.

Joining a bicycle riding club, or competing in a marathon can not only give you camaraderie essential to any exercise and also give you different health goals to work towards.

What do you think?