With the new-year barely a few days away, it seems everyone is keen on making his/her own particular new-year resolutions. However, much like most years, these resolutions will die a slow natural death before the year is past and yet another new year is about to be rung in. It almost makes it essential to have an additional resolution to keep those resolutions that are made. There are some new year resolutions that are simply too hard to keep, some too ambitious to be achieved, but most are eminently achievable and should be in the ideal case scenario. Constructing that ideal case scenario is,however, dependent upon you.

Determination plays a crucial role in helping you adhere to the changes you want to make in the new year. But on the other hand when the changes you want to make become habits it is an altogether different scenario, almost an ideal case scenario for you to achieve your goals. A Duke University study shows that habits form up to 45% of a human being’s total behavior. Don’t try to do too much at once,but make the changes a part of your routine in a gradual manner.

Here are some changes everyone should aspire to make in the new-year:

Listen More

Dalai Lama has said that talking equals repeating what you already know while listening gives you a chance to learn something new. Most of our communication related problems arise when we listen to someone not to understand their point of view but to simply reply. Listening requires patience and is a vastly underappreciated skill. Listen to what the elders have to say, listen to what others think, listen to yourself. A world of possibilities is just waiting on the other side of this barrier we call ignorance.

Keep a check on your targets

Having targets that you want to achieve is all well and good, maybe you want to lose those last ten pounds that just refuse to go or are preparing for a big physical event, having short-term achievable targets helps you reach your goals. Having targets helps you keep track of your ultimate goal and act as a driving force and provide your much needed motivation. Be it learning an instrument or working out,keeping up with your targets will help you reach your goal before the year is over.

Set a physical challenge and achieve it

It could be climbing a relatively easy mountain, running a marathon or even those extra few laps in the pool, completing a physical challenge can make you feel amazing. Setting yourself a difficult physical challenge can not only help you get back in shape but also do a lot of good to your well-being. Physical tasks give you a concrete goal to work towards and have a positive impact on your diet as well,moreover they are fun to do.

Stay positive

Being Mr. Brightside could be who you try to be this year, while it may sound silly, it isn’t. Having a more positive outlook can help you deal with the ups and downs at work and in your personal life while making sure that you are balanced. You do not have to unnecessarily try and give every situation a positive spin, but just ensuring you are not giving in to the negativity will go a long way in keeping you centered through the new-year.

What do you think?