Did you know diet drinks may actually cause weight gain?Containing 5 calories or less per serving, many “diet” drinks lead us to believe we are choosing a healthy beverage.Wrong!
Diet soda contains artificial ingredients including sweeteners that appear to increase cravings in the human body for other sweet things, so in the end you consume more calories, sweeter foods and desserts.

So what should we choose when looking for healthy alternatives to diet sodas or artificially added drinks?
Not only do artificially added drinks make you crave more sweets, but artificial sweeteners also contribute to weight gain by slowing your metabolism. Cutting out diet soda may actually cut calories from your daily intake in the long run, but you’ll probably miss that calorie-free fizz.
So to ease your pain, here are a few ideas to replace your diet soda favourite  with homemade alternatives that help you develop a taste for naturally sweet and healthy flavors.

Sparkling Pomegranate Tea
2 cups water
½ cup pomegranate juice
½ cup cold organic green tea
2 tbs  honey
Citrus fruits contain soluble and insoluble fiber that can help you feel full, like an appetite suppressant. They also nourish the body with vitamins and minerals while helping the body detoxify. Citrus is great for cleansing the body of unwanted materials, including toxins, chemicals and preservatives found in common foods and drinks like soda. They taste great, with a sweet & sour flavor. Try a little cilantro with this to spice things up!

Tropical Coconut Smoothie
1.5 Cup Coconut Water
2 Cups Frozen Pineapple
2 medium bananas
2 cups orange juice

Add a Hawaiian punch to  your diet with this great alternative to fizzy soft drinks. Not only does it taste amazing, this drink is very refreshing to the palette AND the body!

Coconut Lemonade Chai:

30 ml lemon juice
1/2 cup water
lemon wheel and freshly grated cinnamon for garnish
1/2  cup coconut milk
1/2 cup sugar
2 chai tea bags

Add coconut milk and sugar to a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Stir to combine.
Once the syrup starts to steam, add the chai tea bags and stir.
Let steep for about 5 minutes, then remove from heat and remove the tea bags. Let cool to room temperature.
Add the lemon juice, coconut chai syrup, and water to a shaker filled with cracked ice.
Shake briefly to combine (3 seconds).
Empty the entire contents of the shaker into a lowball glass.
Garnish with a lemon wheel and top with freshly grated cinnamon.

Watermelon On The Run   
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 tablespoon honey water
4 cups cubed watermelon, frozen
1½ cups coconut water
Let these fruity chunks become an intensely hydrating snack that boasts vitamin C and antioxidants

All you need when breaking away from drinking diet soda is a few fruits and herbs to make your life a little sweeter. Try these delicious, and healthy alternatives to limit your intake of soda or soft drinks.

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