The day we fill out our gym forms and buy that new pair of running shoes and track-suit, we are full of confidence in our latest exercise regimen. However, it does not take too much to set up a full body workout in just 30 minutes. Finding the exercise that suits you is the key here. Complete body training is one of the most generally advised exercises and works effectively for almost everyone. Split training is something that can definitely give you more muscle mass, but as compared to a full body workout it is hardly the same.

A full body workout is one that has you focusing on a different body part for five minutes each. Instead of having a particular number of repetitions it is all about training that part of your body for that particular amount of time. Here are some benefits of a full body workout:

Time saver

One of the biggest constraints a modern day professional faces is the severe dearth of time. A full body workout saves you a serious amount of time, and also gives you the opportunity to give your body complete exercise. It hardly takes half an hour a day and is enough to strengthen your metabolism and body.

Exercise All Muscle Groups


A full body workout is called so because it is exactly that. Such a workout essentially has one exercise that focuses on one particular muscle group. Identify what exercises work best for you. Work with your trainer to find out exactly what will work for your body and exercise accordingly.

Increase Weights Progressively

It is important to stretch your body’s limits, to push it in order to build strength. But it is just as important to not get hurt in our eagerness to build more strength. A full body workout allows you to incrementally increase your strength by increasing the weights you work with in a gradual progression. It is important to take your trainer’s advice and work with him to create a proper workout plan


Here are a few exercises that you should be considering for you full body work out plans:


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This is one of the most effective exercises around and works on one of the biggest muscle group in the body. It strengthens your quads, hamstrings and other lower body muscles. Adding weights to you squats can further help you train your body and increase strength. Doing two sets of 15 would also be sufficient if you are starting out.

Push Ups

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One of the oldest exercises around, push ups use your body weight to train your shoulder, back and core muscles. Make sure that you are incrementally increasing the repetitions and thus, your strength. Make sure your body is in a straight line and keep your core taut while keeping your hands shoulder width apart.


This exercise works amazingly for the core as well as back muscles. From making sure that your posture remains correct to increasing your metabolism, this exercise is a must for any full body workout regimen. Do as many repetitions as you can and progressively keep pushing yourself to stay in the correct position for longer and longer duration. This workout works well even as a stand-alone exercise and can be done at any point of time through the day.


Sprinting, be it on a treadmill or at a park, is a severely draining exercise. It works up a fairly decent sweat and is an incredible cardiovascular workout. Give yourself breaks between sets and do not sprint before warming up and stretching. It is crucial to make sure you have the right footwear while running or you run a serious risk of injuring yourself.

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