While most people focus on their arms, shoulders or even their back during workouts, leg days are something they often choose to avoid. Your legs are one of the most important parts of your body and ensuring that they are strong can help you stay not only fit but also working at your best.

When your legs are fit they make your body look toned and give you an extra spring in your step.Ensuring that you take up exercises that focus on your legs gives you an opportunity to not only get the most important extremities of your body fit but also a chance to burn a huge amount of calories.

Some of the most common excuses given to avoid working out the legs is that it is either too tiring or it hurts your knees. The first rule of working out is that it is supposed to get you drained,the second rule is to always get expert advice on how you are working out. Here are some ways to strengthen your legs in an easy yet effective manner:

Free-weight squat:

One of the biggest mistakes people make while doing barbell squats is that they bend their knees all the way. If you have knee pain avoid going all the way to your haunches. A half-squat will work just as well and give you strength as well. If you want to add a little more intensity to this workout,give yourself a pause on your way back up and hold the posture for a moment. You do not necessarily need a lot of weights instead of a barbell you can use simple weights as well. It is essential that you have a partner while doing this exercise so as to give you support in case you lose your balance.

Deep side lunges:

This is one of the most underused stretching exercise around. Even many that do it often tend to cut the lunge short. Doing a full flex takes not only a great amount of leg strength but also an ample amount of flexibility. This is a great workout for your calves, thighs and glutes and a brilliant lower body workout. To do this exercise stand with your legs wider than your hips and stretch your stance in proportion to your height. Lean towards your left leg and bend down as far as possible try and get the back of your leg to touch your calf. Do not strain yourself if it is your first few tries. Repeat according to your abilities.

Squat tuck jump:

This is an amazing workout which, while being very simple, will get your heart-rate going and burn a lot of calories. The squat into tuck jump is a dynamic plyometric exercise which will not only leave your legs feeling as if they are aflame, but also increase your leg strength manifold.The process is simple, squat with your feet spread to hip width, try and achieve a deep squat if you can, stand up explosively and tuck your knees up towards your chest when you do so. As and when you begin to get more comfortable with this workout try and increase your speed to accelerate your heart rate and burn more calories.

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