Holidays, while incredibly necessary, can also cost you a pretty penny if you are not careful. Not many of us can afford to spend our holidays in exotic, distant locations,but that by no means says that you cannot have fun on your holidays. Local destinations have always been a favourite for short getaways and weekends you want to spend away from the cacophony of the city. Making holiday plans is no longer limited to planning a trip around the festival season. More and more young professionals are recognizing the importance of quick, budget getaways throughout the year. This helps them not only stay energized at work, but also gives them an opportunity to pursue their passions.

There are opportunities galore for those hoping to travel on a budget. It is understandable to not have money to go to different cities and locations every time,however that should never stop you from the act of travelling. If you are someone who enjoys music, be it rock, EDM, blues or even classical, you can rest assured to find some of the best music festivals happening around the country throughout the year. Booking yourself into one of these festivals is not too pricey, and if done at the right time can also land you brilliant deals on your travel and lodging. Exploring local destinations is also a great idea. See if your city has interesting places around it, keep your radius tight and you will still be able to travel, only in a far cheaper fashion.

Here are some ways you can budget your holiday plans so as to make the most of it, at the least possible cost:

Use the internet:

The internet is basically god for all budget travelers. There is a wide selection of hotel booking websites which can give you information about the best deals you can get. The same holds for travel options as well. Research the destination you are going to beforehand to understand the best season to visit it, as well as what you should and should not carry. Create for yourself a list of locations you want to see around your city, or in your state for starters using the information available online.Try and use price comparison websites to your advantage to know the best rates available. Monitor important websites regularly for any changes in fares or better offers, in this case there is no shame in being cheap!

Plan in advance:

An unwritten rule for travelers everywhere, this is the only thing that sets the word travel and wandering apart. It might sound painfully nerdy to create a list of all the places you want to travel to, but it is definitely worth it. Spend some time on understanding the destinations you have picked and assign dates accordingly.

This will turn out to be a godsend when you are applying for leaves as well as booking your travel and stay. Always keep a few backup options open as well, a new project or a cranky client can crop up at any time and throw your travel plans in a tizzy. Making sure you have options close at hand will allow you the freedom to rejig your plans if necessary.

Travel light:

This is probably the oldest possible piece of advice for travelers everywhere, but one that remains crucial nevertheless. The whole point of traveling is to shed the baggage that is a part and parcel of professional lives today. Carry with you all the essentials, a first aid kit, a change of clothes and underclothes, a sleeping bag (if necessary), but limit it to only as much as you can carry. Excess luggage takes up not only space but also requires you to be that much more careful about where you keep it.

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