“Give me a break”. The one thing your brain constantly keeps telling you only to have you ignore it’s cry! If you have a million things running in your head right now when your are reading this, it’s time to pause and shut down the voices in your head, take a deep breath and read on again.Here we give you some simple tips to declutter your mind and help you find that inner peace.

1. Meditation Alternatives

Haven’t we been hearing, “Meditation gives you peace of mind,” since our childhood? And, we all have at least once made an attempt to meditate & get some relief from the daily stress:professional or personal, but we ended up getting over it instead of into it. So, that’s alright. If you can’t meditate, don’t. There are lot more things that you professionals can do apart from meditation to declutter your mind.

  •  Listen to some 5 minutes of meditating music or symphony. You will find a lot of them on video sharing platforms.
  • Take a Meditative walk, slowly understanding your walk patterns, observing your own footprints(if on the beach),listening to the sound of nature and humans that you otherwise miss to listen to in your daily routine.This is much more easier to adopt than the sitting forms of meditation while it’s equally refreshing as well.

On the other hand for those who can meditate, here are a few tips for you.

  • While you sit down on a yoga mat and mediate for 5-10 minutes, try increasing the time frame gradually while keeping control of your mind without letting it wander.
  •  Once, you’ve found success with the above tip, go for 100 deep breaths.

These tips are more than enough for you professionals to get some relief from the day-to-day stress.

2. Creativity

“Creative mind is the most peaceful mind.”

Haven’t you all experienced that satisfaction & calmness, when you come up with many creative ideas? Many of you might be thinking why am I talking about creativity and what exactly creativity is. You already know what it is. Creativity is “one’s own thing.” Creativity is about thinking “outside the box.” It is yours and nobody else’s and that, my friends gives an individual the ultimate satisfaction with oneself and declutters the mind.

Creativity has no restrictions as far as its spread is concerned.

  •  Music
  • Painting
  •  Photography
  • Dancing (Coming up with you own steps)
  • Ideas (For any purpose: It can range from gift wrapping to campaign ideas.)
  • Writing a Poetry or a random article
  • Anything that involves oozing originality that you and the others can appreciate

So, go ahead and get your creative heads on work. Because, Human Brain + Creativity= Calm Mind

3. Don’t litter your life with emotions

“Master your emotions”, “Let go of things you can’t control” & “Don’t be an emotional fool”.We’ve been hearing these since a long time now,  but we just don’t understand.

We know that emotions bring us to the state of “messy mind” but we still favour it. Stupid isn’t it? Don’t do this to yourself. No tip, no meditation, no activity is going to work if you don’t send your emotions to the spam list. We’re not saying don’t ever be emotional, be when required. Be ashamed of yourself when you can’t complete a simple task, be angry when someone disrespects your family, and be happy when you see your parents smile because of you. Be emotional but give it a direction and meaning. Keep them in a safe locker of the bank and use them only when “necessary” & see the difference.

“A mind that opens its door to fears, doubts, grudges, jealousy and anger, compromises its peace in return.” ― Edmond Mbiaka

It is only a calm mind that can be productive and not an emotional one.

The stage is all yours… Let us know what helps you declutter your mind and find peace.

What do you think?