Soda makes everything feel better. Is it hot outside?  Let’s go grab a soda. Ate a heavy meal? Well, soda is there to save you. And after taking a few sips of the cool, carbonated drink, you feel great, but that only lasts a while. You and I are so addicted to soda that we fail to see what it’s doing to our body.

After a few hours of sipping on some soda, you start to feel bloated and lethargic. And that’s not even the worse part. Soda is also known to disrupt your wake-sleep cycle. Unbelievable right? You will believe me when you read ahead.

So let me break it down for you.

Is soda really the right choice?

You know that feeling of intense pleasure you feel after drinking soda, well that’s a blend of sugar and caffeine that act as stimulants and start harming your insides. And what you fail to notice is how it’s slowly disrupting your system and making you lethargic and overweight. These are not even the worse things that soda can do to your body. Apart from this, what soda does is actually disrupt your sleep-wake cycle. In fact, studies reveal that adults who drink caffeinated sugary drinks on a daily basis only get five or fewer hours of sleep at night.

You see caffeine and sugar are like those evil step-sisters who harm your body without you realizing it.

Let’s see how it actually does that.

Say no to sugar!

Pick a soda of your choice, whichever one you like the most. Now check the list of ingredients. What you will actually see, is the high amount of sugar present in it.  And even though you know how bad sugar is for us, you still continue to sip on it. That’s because after gulping down soda you feel energized and refreshed, but this doesn’t last for too long.  You see, when you consume sugar in the form of soda it is immediately absorbed into your blood stream, making your blood sugar shoot up.  You instantly feel a rush of energy, but this basically is your blood sugar rising up.  After a while, you begin to feel lethargic and sluggish. And to fight this, most people gulp down another soda and end up messing up their energy cycle all over again.

Caffeine is the other bad sister.

All of us know that caffeine is a stimulant, what we fail to realize is that sodas contain a high amount of caffeine. Caffeine is a superb stimulant as it blocks naturally produced chemicals in your body that make you fall asleep. What better than that right? WRONG. Although caffeine shoots up your energy levels instantly it also has an adverse effect. After a while, the caffeine rush is replaced by lethargy and fatigue. In fact, caffeine also causes dehydration and sleepless nights. When your sleep-wake cycle is disrupted it automatically leads to a number of other problems. In fact, you should only consume caffeine 6 hours before bedtime.

Other bad effects of Soda.

Apart of from causing sleepless nights, soda is also responsible for other health evils that harm your body. Obesity, constant mood changes and depression are common side effects of soda consumption.

Who knew that a bottle of soda can cause so many health related problems? Well now that you do know, make sure you lessen the amount of soda you drink. Replace it with healthier options like herbal tea.

And if you think that’s going to be hard, just remember your sleep is more important than soda.

What do you think?