Antony Devassy, a Unisys associate from Bangalore has a lot of things to tell the world. He is an IT professional, a philanthropist and a community worker, father of two lovely kids, who is also always on the look out to put technology into good use; for the greater benefit of mankind. We quickly caught up with him in the midst of his busy schedule, for an interview with us. And he has few yet powerful words in reply to all the questions we asked him:)

1.You told us you manage to climb 9 floors up and down every day. How do you manage to do this on a regular basis?

Just Determination.

2.You seem to be in love with technology. How do you think technology can be put to good use with respect to taking care of one’s health and fitness.

Use technology(Cycling) to power your computers. In short, generate power using our physical activities.In NASA space station, human waste is used to generate power. We will have to start thinking on these terms to apply technology to come up with solutions like these. These would be ideal for a physical activity and also a feeling of technology put to best use.

3.A lot of people find waking up in the morning a very difficult task to do. How do you manage to do it day in and day out?

It’s all about Attitude.

4.Do you spend time with your kids every day? On busy hectic days, what is your way of doing this?

I manage to spend atleast a few minutes with my kids everyday. And in the days I am not able to, there is definitely a prayer time in calendar, that I use to spend time with them. On days, when you are too busy, even if you are not able to spend time with your family, try and get back home with a big smile no matter how bad your day was.

5.You seem to be involved in a lot of community work as well. Give us the secret behind managing your time so efficiently?

Yes, I am part of the Church committee. Keep running and never stop. There is always time if you believe there is. My dad and mum are my greatest inspiration. They are always able to find time and so am I.

6.What do you have to tell the other users of And how has helped you in being healthier and happier?

Thanks for helping me take a small step. I have planned it to multiply it manifold.

7.Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Continuous Improvement is the key to any change. Nothing happens overnight. Keep practicing and witness the change for yourself.


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