How much ever we try to make fitness a choice, it can be really tough to hit the gym when we are running out of time. The more we miss or workout sessions, the more our stress builds up. We know we have to make wise choices but it becomes difficult sometimes as we need to squeeze it out from our tight schedules. While many of us get the time to make it to the gym, some are still stuck only dreaming about that particular day when they will be able to get some time to start working out.

If you are one of them who is still considering health as one of the priorities but not able to make it to the right destination, this is for you! So, here we bring you ten simple yet effective workouts that you can do when you are at home and still get a fit and healthy body.

Here are 10 simple yet effective workouts for you!



How to do: Get into a push-up position and bend your elbows. Now, let your forearms bear the body weight. Meanwhile, make sure your body- from shoulder to ankle, forms a straight line. In this position, your bottom should not go too up or too down. If you are a newbie, start holding this position for 30 seconds and then gradually increase the time to 1 minute.

Benefits: Plank is known to be one of the best workouts for your core. It actually burns the fats off your core muscles, builds up your core strength, and tones it up. Planking builds a stronger core and abdominal muscles and tightens midriff.

2. Lunges


How to do: While starting with right leg, keep your upper body straight including your shoulder, back, and chin. Step forward with your upper right thigh parallel to the ground. In this position, your right knee should be in the same line as your ankle. Likewise, your left leg should also stay in a 90-degree position with your ankle to knee parallel to the floor and thigh vertical to the floor. Do this with your left leg in the front and right leg in the back. You can also include weights if you wish to go for a more challenging workout session.

Benefits: Targeted at your quadriceps, lunges include hamstrings, core muscles, glutes, and calves muscles. It helps conditioning, toning and strengthening the lower body muscles. However, it also keeps back pain at bay since the entire process requires the back to be straightened.


3. Jumping  jacks

jumping jack03

How to Do: Stand straight with your arms by your side and feet placed together. While jumping, open your feet towards each side and raise your arms above your head. Reverse the position by jumping back to the same position you started the exercise with.

Benefits: As a cardio exercise, it helps burning a lot of calories, strengthens your heart and helps in controlling blood pressure. It helps reducing the amount of fat in the body and strengthens body muscles. It improves endurance, stamina, body flexibility, mobility and blood circulation.


4. Crunches


How to Do: Lie down on your back. Bend your knees with your feet flat touching the floor and legs wide apart. Keeping your palms behind your head, curl your upper body towards your knees; so that your torso lifts off the ground. Hold for a couple of seconds and come back to the starting position. Start with 10-20 reps at one go.

Benefits: It strengthens and tones core muscles. It burns a lot of calories and helps you strengthening, flexing and toning your core muscles, abs, and spine.


5. Squats


How to Do:Stand on your feet keeping your hip width apart. Lower your body in a 90-degree position just the way you would while sitting on a chair. You can take your body even lower. Stay in the position for a couple of seconds and then slowly come back to the starting position. Make sure you avoid these squatting mistakes.

Benefits: Squats work on your legs, thighs, hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and buttocks. It tones leg muscles, increases flexibility, strengthens core muscles and the lower back.


6. Skipping


How to Do: Skipping is one of the best cardio workouts that burns more calories. Hold the skipping ropes and try skipping as many times as you can at one go.

Benefits: It strengthens your muscles of buttocks, legs, arms, and overall body. It helps you burn approximately 20 calories per minute.


7. Spot jogging


How to Do: Jogging increases your heart rate that leads to burn more calories.  Get a pair of good sports shoes and you are good to go. Standing in one place, try jogging and increase your pace with time.

Benefits: This exercise strengthens your leg muscles, improves cardiovascular health and immunity, strengthens the bones, helps reducing fat in the entire body, and improves mental health.


8. Bridge


How to Do: Keeping your arms by your side, lie down on your back. Now keep your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Use your heels to lift your buttock off the ground. Keep your back straight while doing this. Stay in this position for a couple of seconds.

Benefits: It stretches and strengthens the muscles of the neck, back, hamstrings, chest, spine, and buttock. It also improves blood circulation, strengthens leg and abdominal muscles.


9. Superman back extension


How to Do:

This exercise, when practiced, looks like Superman in flying position. Lie down straight on your stomach facing down the floor. Extend your arms fully straight in line with your head. Your legs should not bend and extended fully as well. Now raise your legs, arms, and chest off the floor at the same time. Exhale and hold this position for a couple of seconds. Then, come back to the starting position by lowering your legs, arms, and chest down. Inhale while you are in this position.

Benefits: This exercise strengthens your lower back muscles, glutes, and core. It helps reduce back pain.


10. Burpees


How to Do: Standing straight, come down to a squat position and keep your hands in front of you on the floor. Now, spring your feet back and come to a raised plank position. Next, drop your chest on the floor. Now, jump your feet back towards your hands. Then, leap into the air with your arms raised above.

Benefits: As a high intensity fully body workout, burpees help in burning tons of calories. It increases metabolism rate, strengthens your chest, arms, quads, legs, hamstrings, glutes, and abs. It conditions your body and enhances your endurance level.


Now, guys and girls, you are armed with these amazing workouts that help you build strength, stamina and shed some extra kilos too. Now, no more excuses! Get ready with your exercise mat and feel the burn! Don’t forget to leave your comments if you found this article helpful. Till then, stay fit, stay healthy!

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