We are residing in a fast-paced environment and it is extremely difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, be it in terms of food and diet or in terms of our surroundings. There are various steps that an individual can take on his behalf to be more eco-friendly. The following tips or ideas will surely contribute in one way or the other, to make this environment more conducive for our existence. After all, protection of our natural resources will help the current and the future generation as well.

  • Planting Trees

    Trees provide oxygen, fruits, shelter to wildlife and prevent the erosion of soil.Planting trees and not cutting them helps the environment stay cool. Also, growing trees around your home is a good idea since one can constantly nurture them.


  • Practicing Conservation

    Saving natural resources is something that every individual can do his bit about. Turning off the lights when not in use can also go a long way in conserving resources.


  • Conserving Water

    Water can be conserved by simple means like taking short showers, closing unnecessary running tap water, using water-saving appliances and fixing leaking pipes. Also, conservation of water means less amount of energy is required to filter it.


  • Changing the Travel Habits 

    Carpooling to office whenever possible can also work a great deal in being eco-friendly. This obviously saves everybody’s money, and also gives one a chance to catch up with others on a regular basis.


  • Supporting Local Products

    Products from local dairies and farms should be encouraged instead of opting for shipped products. Organic farming practices can also be encouraged.


  • Environment Groups

    Being a part of different environment groups in your city and persuading friends and relatives to be a part of it as well can help a great deal in protecting Mother Earth and keeping the environment clean.


  • Avoiding Littering

    Littering should be discouraged with immediate effect. It pollutes the city and its surroundings and the air too. Trash and other garbage should be thrown into dustbins and not on the roads and in the open where it can disturb human and animal population.


  • Protecting Wildlife

    Harmful human activities has led to the extinction of natural habitats and endangered species. Places like beach and forests should be preserved with the help of forest department authorities.


  • Reducing use of Harmful Chemicals

    Disposal of hazardous chemicals cause air and water pollution which can have serious consequences on human health. Proper disposal at a toxic waste site should be encouraged.


  • Buying Recycled Products

    Basic and simple changes in your routine like opting for e bills and mailers instead of physical copies, taking print outs on both sides of paper etc. can do the trick as well if you are making a conscious effort to be eco-friendly.

If the above mentioned tips to be eco-friendly are followed or supported even to some extent, there can be a vast change in the environment and surroundings around us. Over and above this, educating others about the importance of an environment-friendly life   is also a way to reach out to maximum number of people, who further can share this concept.

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