Post dinner hunger pangs are one thing all of us have suffered through. The hunger monster hits you right before you are about to get some shut eye. And we all know how uncomfortable it is to crash when your stomach is too full, but at the same time you cannot go off to sleep on an empty stomach. Oh, the dilemma!

Well, don’t worry we have the perfect solution to resolve this dilemma. A perfect late night snack should be anywhere between 150-200 calories. Here is a list of 10 bedtime snacks that will soothe your tummy and help you fall asleep in no time.

1) Walnuts

Full of melatonin (the hormone produced by the pineal gland. It is responsible for your sleep and wake cycles.), walnuts are the ideal bedtime to soothe those bedtime hunger pangs. You need something that is light on the stomach. Take a handful of walnuts 14 halves (85 calories)  to be precise and wash them down with a glass of water. Walnuts are also known to increase levels of blood in your body. So now there are two reasons to chomp on this delightful snack.


2) Plain Popcorn

Popcorn..? A healthy snack? Hard to believe right? Fortunately for us pre-bedtime snackers, it is true. Popcorn is that savory snack that will save your sleep and leave a delicious flavor in your mouth. When the notorious pre-bedtime hunger makes your tummy growl, all you need to do is cook a cupful of popcorn. It is known to stimulate the release of insulin which controls your circadian clock and helps you drift off peacefully.

3) Banana

Bananas are a lifesaver in a situation like this. There is no need to cook them or even clean them. Filled with satiating fiber, relaxing tryptophan and potassium, bananas are the perfect late night snack to drive away those pangs.


4) Herbal Tea + Dry fruits

A warm cup of caffeine-free, herbal tea calms your body and helps you unwind. It also works as a great digestive aid Make sure you munch on a handful of dried fruits like dates which also speeds up your digestion while putting you off to sleep.

5) A cup of soup

Clear, easy to digest soups calm the storm whirling up inside you. Plain chicken or noodle soup is ideal for a situation like this. Avoid eating lentils or beans, they are hard to digest and may cause unrest all through the night.


6) A Boiled Egg

Full of protein and egg is not only a healthy option but also easy to cook. It fills up your stomach just enough to help you snooze.


7) A handful of Almonds

A handful of salted almonds will shoo away your hunger in no time. You can keep a box at your bedside and if you feel waves of hunger just eat a handful and you will be good for the night


8) Glass Full of Low Fat Sugar-free Milk

Nothing says “sweet dreams” like a warm glass of milk. Just make sure it is low fat and sugar-free. Sugar and fats interfere with smooth digestion and make you lethargic.


9) Whole grain cereal with low-fat milk

Yes, I know you…cereal is a breakfast meal, but there is no hard and fast rule that says you cannot eat it before bed. The only thing you need to ensure is that the milk you use is low-fat, sugarless and the cereal is made up of whole grain.


10) An Apple

An apple a day does not only keep the doctor away but also saves you from a growling tummy right before bed. It’s rich in vitamin c and also helps regulate the toxicity in your body, putting you to sleep in no time. Also, an apple is easy to munch on and makes your tummy feel light but full.


Now that you have a delicious list of pre-bedtime snacks make sure you adhere it. Eating healthy puts you in a win-win situation. And a light and a healthy snack will balance your wake-sleep cycle, making you feel fresh and ready to take over the day!

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