We now been hearing to this saying since a long time; “Eat breakfast like a king,” but how many of us have actually been doing it? Most of us have gone deaf ears to this saying, haven’t we?

In spite of knowing that breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, we tend to take it for granted the most. Eliminate the ideal situation of breakfast being heavy; we don’t even have breakfast most of the times, usually because of the morning hustle of reaching office on time. And then, on our way to office, we resort to junk food, in spite of being aware that junk food in morning or even otherwise, do no good to the body and hampers in long term, aye? Skipping the most important meal can essentially mess your day up and also get you unwanted stress to your mind with the non completion of tasks.

Hence, let’s wake up a little early by 10 minutes at least and give our body the pampering it requires from us, shall we?

So, here we go! Mentioned below are 10 healthy recipes those are perfect for your breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with cheese

Eggs form the core ingredient of the breakfast for majority of the people. They are a good source of energy and proteins and help the working professionals to carry on their day-to-day activities without any major stress on the body.



Oatmeal continues to be a favourite of many professionals before they leave their place for a long day ahead because of its taste and nutritional value. So, why not give it a try? If oatmeal doesn’t satisfy your taste buds need, consider the next breakfast recipe.

Multigrain Blueberry Waffles

Waffles! Yummy! Do we need to say much?

People who love to experiment with their food this dish is for you. You’ve got your fruits and fats covered with this dish in the morning. The multigrain blueberry waffles have lots of fibers and very less fat. Also, they serve as a good item for brunch too.

 Strawberry Smoothie (The Berry Pump)


For all the juice lovers, nothing energizes and revives you better than a strawberry smoothie in the morning. With enough stress and run around in the day to follow, having strawberry smoothie in the breakfast can pump you up till lunchtime for sure.

 Beans, tomatoes and pesto


A mixture of beans, tomatoes and pesto is the best combination one can get right in the morning. Apart from being a great combination it is a great breakfast meal as well. It will without any doubt deliver you the nutrition and energy required to work efficiently.

Also, it is a good breakfast option for the aged people as it is easy on heart.

Banana Bread

It is whole-wheat bread that is considered a modern item in today’s breakfast menu. Consider having your banana bread slices with peanut butter. This banana bread breakfast is not only rich in protein but is also a good food item to consume after workouts.

Quinoa Bowl


If you are the one who has a hectic schedule running around in the meetings, then a bowl of quinoa is the breakfast food item that would pep you right away. You might want to consider pairing your quinoa with a salmon fish, it makes up for a delicious breakfast unlike any other.

Fruit and Feta Cheese

This sounds simple and sweet. Watery fruits like water melon and sweet melon consist of a healthy breakfast, often preferred by working adults. Cheese is a major form of protein and fats and keeps the hunger away till lunch, if taken in right quantities.

Fruit and feta cheese is an easy fix to daily hurry!

Sprouts and Cereals


One of the most acknowledged and recommended items in breakfast are sprouts and cereals. High in protein, and easy in digestion, they are the best possible options if one has to have a long and tough schedule ahead. Also, they are easy to cook and can be eaten on the move as well.

Energy Bars

For all the health conscious working people who hardly get to focus on their fitness and diet regimes, energy bars or cereal bars, as they are normally called do the trick. Having energy bars at the start of the day supplies enough proteins to the body.

These were some of the healthy recipes that can be preferred for breakfast and are healthy as well. We’ve tried to compile a list of breakfast that suits everyone’s taste; we hope we’ve been able to deliver that. Do let us know your daily healthy breakfast mantra.



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