How often do you see yourself skipping breakfast and rushing to make it to office on time? How often is the lunch really at the lunch hour? How often is the dinner eaten outside or replaced with just a burger or pizza because you are just too tired to think about your health? Well, if most of the answers pose to very often, it’s a matter of serious concern. Being busy professionally or personally cannot be an excuse to overlook health.

While hitting the gym or finding time for yoga everyday might not be the most perfect solution for you if you fall into the category, little health hacks you adopt might do you some good!

  1. Follow a routine:

From waking up to eating on time and going to bed, it’s very important to have a  schedule your body can adapt to and follow.  Remember, the body also prepares itself for what is to come!

  1. Stay hydrated:

Ever imagined water as a fitness strategy? Drinking plenty of water has surprising amount of benefits on the body. An interesting study proved that people who drank water before heavy exercises had more energy due to lower blood lactate levels. 

  1. Grab some dark chocolate or chewing gum:

Your sweet tooth might leave you guilt ridden later. But to keep yourself away from the guilt, a piece or two of dark chocolate might be of help. Apart from curbing your sweet tooth craving, dark chocolate helps regulate cortisol, which is the stress hormone, stabilizing your metabolism. Chewing gum also has somewhat the same effects. Moreover, it would help in exercising your gums, preventing it from decay.

  1. Pace yourself:

When you eat your food too quickly, you might fail to understand how full you are and hence end up over eating. Remember, your body takes at least 20 minutes to digest most foods, and tell your brain when you are full. So enjoy eating  your food, slow down, pause before grabbing your second servings and stop eating when you feel full.

  1. Turn off TV or computer while you eat:

When you have your mind engrossed elsewhere, say in your favourite movie or TV show, you often end up eating more than your appetite or making bad choices. It’s always good to focus on what you are doing at the moment, and taking your meal is no exception!

  1. Adopt music as a therapy:

Music is not only a cure for boredom, or a relaxation therapy. Whether you are taking a shower, cooking your favourite food or being busy in other activities, music will help you increase your motivation, improve performance and reduce distraction.

  1. Stand up where ever you can:

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that sitting is as dangerous as smoking. With the sedentary lifestyle being followed today, it’s important to make sure you stand as much as you sit. If you happen to be a sitting-on-a-desk worker, try standing while you are on phone, conduct walking meetings and take quick short walks around!

  1. Try cinnamon in your coffee:

There might not be a substitute as good as a hot cup of coffee, but a few substitutions into that cup can help you in many ways. Rather than cream and sugar, use cinnamon  to kick flavour into your coffee. It tricks your mind into being sweet, saving you those extra calories from sugar!

  1. Replace desserts with fruits:

If desserts play an important role in your meal every day, it’s time to replace them with fruits, which is a much better way to satisfy your sweet tooth. As an added bonus, they provide you with antioxidants and fibre and would help you avoid the after meal sugar crash!

  1. Sleep better:

Sleep is easy to over look. But skimping on sleep has been linked to everything ranging from obesity to heart diseases. A full sound sleep is necessary for the body to be fully functional and active, and it is something that shouldn’t be compromised upon.

What do you think?