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Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Prm)

You can sit or stand anywhere and practice these easy methods to ease your body pains and relax your muscles.
Little girl meditating

Why 10 Minutes of Meditation Each Day Can Change Your Day

Do you know why meditation isn't just about the lotus position? Do you know the difference between doing nothing and not doing ? to know and learn more, watch this video.

Why Do We Sleep?

If you think you know about sleep, think again.
Cozy Comfortable Feet Sleep Bed

One More Reason to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Why is it so important to understand the significance of sleep?

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Prm)

Be your own savior. Use these simple techniques and instantly feel better.

Why 10 Minutes of Meditation Each Day Can Change Your Day?

Peace of mind is not far away if you know how and where to look for !

Everything You Need to Know About Tuberculosis

The bane of over 2 million people the world over, tuberculosis is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. This bacterial infection can spread to any part of the human body through the lymph nodes and has the habit of lying dormant in the human body, just biding its time for the body’s immunity to lower.

Top 5 Ways to Know How Your Body Is Burning Calories

Make sweat your best friend and see those extra calories crumble!

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