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Webinar Registration: 10 Power Breaks You Can Take at Work to Energise

Join this webinar session, practice taking regular breaks and improve your productivity
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Benefits of Brisk Walking

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective cardio workouts. It also has positive effects on your mind.
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Webinar on 10 Yoga Poses for Productivity

Watch this webinar session and practice these simple yoga poses to improve your productivity

Essential Dietary Habits for Working Women

Working women need to take special care about their diet considering the dual job-roles that they are often subjected to. Here are a few healthy habits that one can inculcate to stay active and healthy throughout the day
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4 Ways a Working Woman Can Keep Fatigue at Bay

Fatigue is becoming more common for working women in today's world. Here are a few ways in which working women can keep fatigue out of their lives
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Working Women and Work Life Balance

Here are a few ways that the working women can use to balance their work and life with ease and grace
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Online Group Activity : Posture Correction

Practice these simple exercises to correct your posture
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Say Thanks: A 3 week journey to showing gratitude

Showing gratitude to yourself, writing a gratitude journal and spending time with family are all habits that contributes towards your wellbeing and happiness. Practice gratitude and be more grateful, more productive and a happier person.

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