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Syed Nadeem Hits His Habits for a Six

When Syed Nadeem walks on to bat on the crease of life, he hits all of its challenges for a six.

Patch The Glitch

The following are some of the ways video games are eating up your real life health and restricting your daily activities to a 'perpetually stuck on your lazy boy' glitch.

Read Me Like A Hurricane

I have no time time to read, is the most common reason stated by people who do not read.

No More Mr. Night Guy

How many times have you burned the midnight oil, just swiping up on your Facebook News feed, or binging on seasons of Game of Thrones and House of Cards

Walk On Through…On The Inside

Walking indoors can provide all the same benefits as an outdoor workout. And it has advantages over an outdoor workout as well.

#tbt to Tbbt Game Night

Wish to do some light indoor activities? Pull your friends along and get into the groove of tech-free gaming with the funny members of The Big Bang Theory.

Pushing Your Health Up

Working out can be a time consuming and potentially expensive affair, especially if you join a gym and have to travel to get there.

Snooze If You Wanna Lose

Is the snooze button your best friend every morning? Is it the first thing your eyes scope for, as the alarm goes off to signal the start of the day?

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