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Meet Crisanjoy Sto.Tomas, an Aspiring Marathoner from HPE, Philippines

Recently, we had the pleasure of talking to Crisanjoy Sto Thomas, an associate from HPE Philippines, who has been in the customer service industry for over 6 years. In this quick interview with her, she talks about her dream of running marathons and setting her own personal records when it comes to running.

Surfing the Brain Waves of Melody

Music has been known to change a person’s happiness or energy levels or mood of an individual through music induced performances. Take our test to find out if you think so too!

Familiarity (Actually) Breeds Content!

Life without a family is agonisingly brutal for most of us. The warmth and familiarity of the faces which we have seen since the first time light entered our eyes is unparalleled.

How to “remote” Yourself from the TV

“Television is the menace that everyone loves to hate but can’t seem to live without.” —Paddy Chayevsky

Invocation of the Abandoned Avocations

Nurturing your interests and forming your goals during your spare time, towards your hobbies can be extremely rewarding, read more to find out why!

Game of Homes

Trade your late night out and living an unhealthy lifestyle for a more content and flourishing convention for both you and your mates, using these games for a guaranteed good time!

Yoga in the Bay!

‘Yoga in the bay’ is for you. Here are some cool yoga poses that you can do at your work place

Simple Stretches You Can Do at Your Workplace

Remember your Physical Training (P.T.) lessons from school? No matter how silly you found them during school, all the warm up exercises your teacher taught you are going to come handy now.

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